Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Jacqueline, others react after meeting PM Modi at 7LKM on #Gandhi150

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PM Shri Narendra Modi today interacted with the members of the creative and entertainment world on way to mark the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The interaction was held at 7, Lok Kalyan Marg in New Delhi, the official residence of Prime Minister of India.
PM addressing this small gathering said Gandhi is synonymous with simplicity. His thoughts reverberate far and wide. He said the power of creativity is immense and it is essential to harness this spirit of creativity for our nation. Several people from the world of films and television have been doing great work when it comes to popularizing the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.
Actor Aamir Khan speaking on the occasion said, first and foremost, I want to appreciate PM Modi for thinking about this effort (further popularizing the ideals of Bapu). As creative people, there is much we can do. And I assure the PM that we will do even more.
Actor Shah Rukh Khan said, I would like to thank PM Modi for bringing us all together, that too for a cause such as this (Mahatma Gandhi). I feel we need to re-introduce Gandhi ji to India and the world.
PM Modi said: You all do great work but perhaps you do not know about its global influence!Your work has reached all corners of the world. On the part of the Government, I am happy to help in anyway to ensure maximum impact of your creative initiatives. The members of the film industry came with a lot of suggestions. I am happy to share that we have addressed them to ensure more people can see the brilliant work done by our film personalities. I have an appeal to all of you - please visit the museum that has been made in Dandi. I would also request you to visit the ‘Statue of Unity.’ It is drawing numerous visitors from all over India and the world. The CM of Tamil Nadu told me that after the Informal Summit in Mamallapuram, tourist arrivals have increased there. Lot of people are coming to visit the iconic place. I would urge people from the world of creativity to think about ensuring more tourists come to India.
In an event organized at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, New Delhi, PM Shri Narendra Modi, released four cultural videos marking the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.
The event was attended by the members of the Indian film and entertainment industry including Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, Kangana Ranaut, Anand L Rai, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Sonam Kapoor, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Nigam, Ekta Kapoor, members of Tarak Mehta group, ETV group.
In an interactive session, PM thanked the creative heads and contributors for taking time out of their busy schedule for paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi, at his personal request.
PM urged the film and entertainment industry to channelize its energy to make entertaining, inspiring creatives that can motivate the ordinary citizens. He reminded them of their immense potential and their ability to bring about positive transformation in the society.
Highlighting the impact of Mahatma Gandhi in the present day, PM said that if there is one thought, one person, who can establish a connect with people all over the world, it is Gandhiji.
Recalling the Einstein challenge proposed by him, PM urged the film fraternity to use the marvel of technology to bring Gandhian thought to the forefront.
PM recalled his interaction with Chinese President in Mamallapuram, wherein the President had highlighted the popularity of Indian films like Dangal in China. He also mentioned about the popularity of Ramayana in South East Asia.
He further exhorted the film fraternity to utilize their soft power potential to promote tourism in India.
PM outlined that India is going to celebrate the 75th anniversary its independence in 2022. In this regard, he requested the gathering to showcase the inspiring stories of India’s freedom struggle from 1857 to 1947 and India’s growth story from 1947 to 2022. He also underlined the plan to host an Annual International Entertainment Summit in India.
In an interactive session with PM, actor Aamir Khan thanked the Prime Minister for igniting the idea of contributing towards the cause of propagation of Mahatma Gandhi’s message to the world.
Thanking PM for creating a platform for all the film fraternity to come together and work towards a cause, Shahrukh Khan said that such initiatives will re-introduce the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi by presenting Gandhi 2.0 to the whole world.
Acclaimed film maker, Anand L Rai thanked PM for making the entertainment industry realize its potential towards nation building.
PM assured the film fraternity of all the support from his government for the overall development of the entertainment industry.
The videos, centering on the theme of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi were conceptualized and created by Rajkumar Hirani, ETV group, Tarak Mehta group and Ministry of Culture, Govt of India.



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Sunnaina Tahir
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Modi is the murderer and a failure....
Muhammad Abdullah
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Amir khan tu bhi kutta nikla
Muhammad Abdullah
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عامر خان تو بھی کتا نکلا
Muhammad Abdullah
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عامر خان تو بھی کتا نکلا
Nasim Akram
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Nasim Akram
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Nasim Akram
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Shiva Kumar
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I don't think any one watched after SRK and aamir spoke in the video....coz, Jacqueline tou pata hai ki kitni average hai(Salman khan ka dialogue to ARR)
hasi hass
hasi hass महीने पहले
Well want freedom Khalistan zindabad
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan महीने पहले
Actually ye sb jhut bol rhe he.. kya kre sach to bol nhi skte.. 😁😁😁😁
Tiger Sadat
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Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan महीने पहले
Thanks guys thanks all for everything I love you guys forever 😇❤👍
Saidamin khan Saidamin shah
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Modi ki ma ki hamara jaga pay koche bhi nahi hai koty our tome acters say mil rahy ho
sajjad sajjad
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any body questions.p.m.about. Gujrat .....fasaad..
handsome-devil official
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razzi razzii
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Kutti modi sarkar
Sameer srkian
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Only King Khan Meri Jaan ♥️🤗
33tarzan महीने पहले
Qatal modi
33tarzan महीने पहले
Kashmirion ka bi haal pata kar aho koi!!!!!!!
Atif Anwer
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All r celebrati bt Legend only king khan
Salman Ayub
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bhae Wahh
Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa
some of them came because of gandhi not modi all pms supported the industry
Lola Terry
Lola Terry महीने पहले
We hate u and not wantching yur movies again Yu guys meet killer of muslims
kamran view
kamran view महीने पहले
Where is Salman Bhai??????
Shailendra Prasad
Shailendra Prasad महीने पहले
Wow Muslim Ummah ... Darr nahi lagta ... Hypocrite bastard's.
Prawej Alam
Prawej Alam महीने पहले
Masha Allah both of looking
mekool333 महीने पहले
Amit looking chutiya for jabardasti ki beard,,, Agar ye fashion celeb pe acha lagta to Shahrukh khan or salman bhi ye rakh lete,, Par afsos amir ke jhant ke baal jada h
Zeeshan Kayani
Zeeshan Kayani महीने पहले
I am not happy with you Shah Rukh and amir modi is tarrist
Bharat khan
Bharat khan महीने पहले
where is the canadian akshay kumar?
Shagufi Zohra
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I love both you khans
Arturo Gatti
Arturo Gatti महीने पहले
Look How fake he looks
peace lover
peace lover महीने पहले
Mohsin Sports Channel
Mohsin Sports Channel महीने पहले
Don Carvalo
Don Carvalo महीने पहले
Film fare award Bollywood actors meeting Oscar award international actor .
Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali महीने पहले
Licking the Prime Minister’s ass as usual
Emraan Khan
Emraan Khan महीने पहले
Shame on you
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad महीने पहले
Hindu jo loog insaniyat ko manty hn wo b modi se nafrt kar rahy hn jo kashmir main kr ra ha or jo uc ne gujrat main muslim se kia..sharukh or aamir ko shram anni chahiye khud ko muslim kehty howy..Lant ho khuda ki tum pe pesy k pujaari sale gaandu
Ye sab voting ke.liye. aur kuch nahi
Kasuri Boy
Kasuri Boy महीने पहले
Greatest Actors in Bollywood but can not hide it that they don't like Modi and that they were forced to be here. You are wondering how did i know that?. they criticized Modi in this Year and got fake news about them liking Pakistan more then India and more fake news. they went so far that the films of the 3 khans were maliciously flopped. It is in their faces that they do not want to be here with this Modi
ruksar khan
ruksar khan महीने पहले
both khans dont feel comfortable. Seems like pressurized.
bas kir
bas kir महीने पहले
Lalbabu Sah
Lalbabu Sah महीने पहले
Both are king
perfect stranger
perfect stranger महीने पहले
How much BJP paid for this?
perfect stranger
perfect stranger महीने पहले
Honourable PM hahahaha 😝
Jeet4837 W
Jeet4837 W महीने पहले
Ye dono khans dare huye hai bjp sarkars se
tangtok konyak
tangtok konyak महीने पहले
They need to please all for survival
bas kir
bas kir महीने पहले
Why? A Muslim is only scared of Allah. Who is stopping them to move to Pakistan? Why cannot they change their country?
shahrukh rashi
shahrukh rashi महीने पहले
i love srk
Aman K.
Aman K. महीने पहले
What a bunch of losers! You guys are worried about your careers at this stage in your life after you have billions of dollars?? What kind of an honour is it to meet someone that has ordered the genocide of Muslims first in Gujarat, and now in J & K. God will never forgive you! Indian government and the RSS are the real danger, and the entire world except for them knows this.
Islam is a religion of peace
Islam is a religion of peace महीने पहले
Modi ke camco...
Kay Sir
Kay Sir महीने पहले
Gujarati Butcher is prime minister now
Mark H
Mark H महीने पहले
Kangana always supported Modi. She is brilliant
Ayan Abbasi
Ayan Abbasi महीने पहले
Your time is up khanz😉
Kranti Rai
Kranti Rai महीने पहले
feels good to see Shahrukh & Aamir together….hope they make a film together soon
z2t महीने पहले
Randi angrezi seekh li..kuch bhi bakti hai kangna...lynching karo aur gandhi philosophy ki baat karo...kisi aur ka chutia kaato....lol
Waqas Ahmed
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Laanti kutay both of you
Saddam Husian
Saddam Husian महीने पहले
Very good
shailesh J
shailesh J महीने पहले
Kangna Ranaut and Boney Kapoor spoke the truth from the bottom of their heart. Jai Shri Ram.
saddam bari
saddam bari महीने पहले
Nautanki ka badsah sabko rujhane gaya.....Aur pure desh ko bewakuf bana raha h
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali महीने पहले
I can't blame them for what they're doing because i wonder wat made em sell or lose their dignity and come out in the open to support him like this. Y don't these 2 just go to kashmir n c hw their muslim brothers n sisters r livin there. Bjp xtremists will say theres nothing wrong. Y did u not even let the opposition c wat was goin on there. Y hv u cut off internet n phones. I hope someday u lot hv to live under constant lockdown like that for 3 months (n counting....) , in ur own houses, n u cant even go out for food. Then v ll c if u call that a step towards development. Lovin ur motherland is a noble thing. But blindly supporting EVERYTHING ur leadership does is wrong on so many levels. N it will hv consequences.
Tanveer Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed महीने पहले
Bollywood Stats bik gaye pese mein. Shame on Bollywood Stars.
ultimate Truth
ultimate Truth महीने पहले
If you want to see two men who have sold their souls to the devil for money & are in total control of satan look no further dead conscience
Razwan Hussain Vlogs
Razwan Hussain Vlogs महीने पहले
Ghost Rider D1
Ghost Rider D1 महीने पहले
Sell out fear of the Hindutva Mob destroying their careers by banning their movies, tearing their posters and lynching them. What I say is true a few years back they spoke against Modi and all what I sid happened. Fear for their family and livelihood made mainly the Khan bow to Modi and his Hitler nationalist supremacist mobs.
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