Solana Beach bluff failure caught on tape

ABC 10 News
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Video captured Friday showed another bluff failure in the Solana Beach area, weeks after a series of small bluff collapses.



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Mr Choo
Mr Choo महीने पहले
More signs of End Times as our polar regions melt, faraway coastal areas will slowly submerge and disappear forever. 🌊🏝
dbdevour महीने पहले
Those who deny Fossil-Fuel Based GLOBAL-WARMING are Anti-American and Anti-Human.... Coastal Erosion is just the beginning...
John Bradley
John Bradley महीने पहले
dbdevour its been happening since the beginning of earth
walk in beauty
walk in beauty महीने पहले
All those earthquakes are adding up
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ महीने पहले
See? If we don't sign the green new deal, Solana Beach won't even exist anymore within 6 months!
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ 29 दिन पहले
@John Bradley Not everywhere. Not yet. We're well on the way with poo poo pee pee districts and safe needle zones for all.
John Bradley
John Bradley महीने पहले
George Esguerra youre right. California is shitty everywhere.
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ महीने पहले
@George Esguerra Woke and based. We got 6 mos gabacho. Maybe less.
George Esguerra
George Esguerra महीने पहले
@John Bradley Sorry that you live in such a shitty part of town, but you can't disguise realism with sarcastic cynicism.
John Bradley
John Bradley महीने पहले
ʝǟƈӄ ֆȶɛʄǟռ theyre making the frogs gay!!
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