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Plankton thinks he's king of the sea chimps, but it turns out that he's not very popular after all.
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QWatermelon1 13 दिन पहले
1:27 sounds like spongebob when he was brainless
Jeremiah Bangura
Jeremiah Bangura 22 दिन पहले
Kenan Von Kaiser
Kenan Von Kaiser 22 दिन पहले
With Plankton You Never Could Tell If He Shrunk Or Not!
Dean Maraj
Dean Maraj 23 दिन पहले
2018 : new spongebob suck 2025 : i miss the 2018 spongebob
Justin Boyle
Justin Boyle 23 दिन पहले
Poison Skull
Poison Skull महीने पहले
Um is this gonna be a Season 20
Looking Deeper Into The Movies
Looking Deeper Into The Movies महीने पहले
I don't know why IN-vid splits it up, but this is season 12, the current season.
Princess victoria Mouse
Princess victoria Mouse महीने पहले
Plankton you stink because your not the king dude
David Padilla
David Padilla महीने पहले
Icing sharks but I want a new episode about sea turtles like tur-rassic Park ( a parody episode of Jurassic Park)
Bacon Man
Bacon Man महीने पहले
47J17p29 X
47J17p29 X महीने पहले
Remember comming back from school or on a weekend watching some Spongebob
Imagine yoshi
Imagine yoshi महीने पहले
Martyn McMurray
Martyn McMurray महीने पहले
0:04 Trump in a nutshell.
Нерв Мартефлай
Нерв Мартефлай महीने पहले
King Kong
Paul Bauman
Paul Bauman महीने पहले
I rule you, I rule you, I rule you, I rule you, you, you, and you- *crashes into the fire hydrant*
Lucy *Wyldstyle*
Lucy *Wyldstyle* महीने पहले
King: I Rule you I rule you I rule you
Rebecca Miveld
Rebecca Miveld महीने पहले
Arianna Giselle
Arianna Giselle महीने पहले
Hola Hola
Guitar Smart
Guitar Smart महीने पहले
hi i love you nick
One Console Gaming
One Console Gaming महीने पहले
LOUD HOUSE US BETTER THAN SPONGEBOB but I respect your opinion
Narwitch महीने पहले
mediocre at best...
Mediocre महीने पहले
Just a SWELL guy!
Just a SWELL guy! महीने पहले
Seriously...what is it with licking plankton?
bullet471 महीने पहले
Granted Klass
Granted Klass महीने पहले
👑 play
Toni Leaf
Toni Leaf महीने पहले
No one likes a king that forces his way in.
Scott Klempner
Scott Klempner महीने पहले
1:44 Neptune
Gary Kennedy
Gary Kennedy महीने पहले
I thought plankton was dream to be a 👑 king
Riana Spongebob
Riana Spongebob महीने पहले
Spongebob Indonesia plis
Miggy Uy
Miggy Uy महीने पहले
Nickelodeon how do you put water and fire
SlaterSnake महीने पहले
Xerigart C
Xerigart C महीने पहले
New episode?
Looking Deeper Into The Movies
Looking Deeper Into The Movies महीने पहले
Yep. Episode is King Plankton from season 12.
rainbow unicorn kitty the cat lover
rainbow unicorn kitty the cat lover महीने पहले
Plz put full episodes
Nigel Port
Nigel Port महीने पहले
rainbow unicorn kitty they can't because its copyright
Cedie Mirano
Cedie Mirano महीने पहले
King plankton
LEGOMaster285 महीने पहले
Emmanuel yoc
Emmanuel yoc महीने पहले
kfl9 महीने पहले
Randy Debil
Randy Debil महीने पहले
BAD monkeys I Will Kill you
Planting is now crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Totally Search
Totally Search महीने पहले
This King Henry documentary is pretty great
mork isretarded
mork isretarded महीने पहले
Frank DAgosto
Frank DAgosto महीने पहले
All Fear Plankton 0:04
Paul Bauman
Paul Bauman महीने पहले
Frank DAgosto I rule you, I rule you, I rule you, I rule you, you, you, and you- *crashes into the fire hydrant*
linda bertolette
linda bertolette महीने पहले
Back in here
Vanuatu Mapper
Vanuatu Mapper महीने पहले
I'm excited for this episode!
Mark Braley
Mark Braley महीने पहले
Plankton will never rule the world with an iron fist forever and ever.
name last name
name last name 16 दिन पहले
He once ruled Bikini Bottom
HAD848 Games
HAD848 Games महीने पहले
Erika Stone
Erika Stone महीने पहले
"Time to unshrink?" I mean Plankton was originally pretty small. Did he make himself even smaller? Microscopic even? Just like my handwriting?
LanundraCiara Harris
LanundraCiara Harris महीने पहले
Lydia Pacheco
Lydia Pacheco महीने पहले
I thought The Krusty Slammer was next.
Shondar Powless jr
Shondar Powless jr महीने पहले
Don't mess with plankton
Ariel Maule.
Ariel Maule. महीने पहले
Aeron_Pro2017 महीने पहले
Very cool. Thanks)
Bentlee Summers
Bentlee Summers महीने पहले
Keep up with the good work
Dldar Khoshnaw
Dldar Khoshnaw महीने पहले
I wanna see all spongebob episodes of all seasons. how can I do?
Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy
Miłośnik muzyczno rolkowy महीने पहले
has a 👑 has a tongue
zachs23 महीने पहले
I rule you I rule you!
K-12 Melanie J.C
K-12 Melanie J.C महीने पहले
0:27 look at The King LOL
Dalek Supreme
Dalek Supreme महीने पहले
Paul Szabo
Paul Szabo महीने पहले
Imran Muktar
Imran Muktar महीने पहले
Sometimes I wonder who is dumber. Patrick or Plankton?
Bryan Melo
Bryan Melo महीने पहले
Dj Alexander
Dj Alexander महीने पहले
Well,All hail King Plankton then
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