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jacksepticeye 4 महीने पहले
Mic settings were all over the shop on this one lads! I taught them a lesson and put them back in their place , Gaelic Gladiator style😤
Oblivious Arts
Oblivious Arts 6 दिन पहले
See why would you ever wanna vape when you have inhalers??😮
Avery T White
Avery T White 7 दिन पहले
Robert Guajardo has
Shock Wave
Shock Wave 10 दिन पहले
Garlic gladiator
Just Em
Just Em 20 दिन पहले
You're disturbingly handsome
that dude with an x pfp
that dude with an x pfp महीने पहले
Karson Swartz
Karson Swartz 59 मिनट पहले
thats gnoblin not an elf
Deathwing668 घंटे पहले
19:20 And die
marshmellow jellow
marshmellow jellow 6 घंटे पहले
12:05 jack..... green is not a primary color
GreenAddy Wolf
GreenAddy Wolf 7 घंटे पहले
Asthma World: "You have asthma!" My Asthma World: *laughs at video* *replays video* *laughs again but t-rex erupts from my laugh and I spend the rest of the day coughing constantly*
Phantom Harley
Phantom Harley 16 घंटे पहले
10:19 I went to click off of de add but then I heard "fuck off adds!" then I'm like "nvm"
WolfyDoesGames Bro
WolfyDoesGames Bro 16 घंटे पहले
Me: Jack had asmia!?!?!? Jack: *Yells 20 mins straight*
Darkstar Moondust
Darkstar Moondust 16 घंटे पहले
Me: Is looking for a video to watch. Sees THE COOLEST ASTHMA KIDS YOU'LL EVER SEE | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos Me: Hey I have asthma! .clicks. regrets many life decisions
robbie Zumstein
robbie Zumstein 18 घंटे पहले
i have asthma to jack
julian hash
julian hash 18 घंटे पहले
septic juice is from the septic tank the septic tank has all of the poop and pee you need to change it after 35 -55 years gl having the fever for a year
furious toast
furious toast 19 घंटे पहले
normal people: kids and children are the same thing Jacksepticeye: No.
Makayla Wheatley
Makayla Wheatley 20 घंटे पहले
Asthma world?? HOLD MY INHALER
Makayla Wheatley
Makayla Wheatley 20 घंटे पहले
Why is that intro the best thing ive seen all day
Larissa Rose Tracey Nuñez-Hill
Larissa Rose Tracey Nuñez-Hill 23 घंटे पहले
Thats a weird looking asthma spacer... I also had a nebulizer, I haven’t used that in 3 years.
Samantha Lewis 47 (STUDENT)
Samantha Lewis 47 (STUDENT) 23 घंटे पहले
Stop hating on Canada
Soul Blade
Soul Blade दिन पहले
Septic Warriors
MsHappycolors दिन पहले
Amelie Houle
Amelie Houle दिन पहले
Kikiflipnote is pronounced key-key-flip-note
hannahskxox दिन पहले
Ultimately_Everything दिन पहले
Adam Long
Adam Long दिन पहले
an bhfuil aon Ghaeilge agat?
stick pick
stick pick दिन पहले
Raccoon Gaming
Raccoon Gaming दिन पहले
That’s a gnome
Biger and Faster
Biger and Faster दिन पहले
yo i really love ur videos and i wish for the best
Myth Mage
Myth Mage दिन पहले
11:01 I've always wondered this about Undertale: Does that scene mean Frisk turns Mettaton on? That's fucked up.
Myth Mage
Myth Mage दिन पहले
3 cheers for Robin? LAUGH! LAUGH! LAUGH!
komearu saiara
komearu saiara दिन पहले
your breathe taking
Amy Nielsen
Amy Nielsen दिन पहले
The underfail the creaters name I believe to say easy is keke flip note
toxic tarts
toxic tarts दिन पहले
Jacksepticeye presents (smacks whiteboard) LAUGH!!!!
Thunder Ukufa
Thunder Ukufa 2 दिन पहले
Straight fuckin’ water
Albert James
Albert James 2 दिन पहले
Meme review to claps 👏👏 Jake LUAGH 👏
Mandy Adams
Mandy Adams 2 दिन पहले
*breaths in inhaler* *breaths out* OH BROTHER
method of madness
method of madness 2 दिन पहले
So jack died??? Must have missed that. How did you "die" jack???
Dude I'm Canadian and I hate hockey
Joker The Cholo
Joker The Cholo 2 दिन पहले
Vince: the *Golic* Gladiator
MasterMedic 1
MasterMedic 1 2 दिन पहले
19:16 one of the top 50 things jack has done that made me laugh and replay over and over again
Xavier Painter
Xavier Painter 2 दिन पहले
Sooo cheesy
Xander God
Xander God 2 दिन पहले
I thought ass was good for you
multi sans
multi sans 2 दिन पहले
I'm 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% sure that if any school played that for asthma kids. They'd just be bullied more
James Logan
James Logan 2 दिन पहले
Jack kane you do band ad
Jill Szumigala
Jill Szumigala 2 दिन पहले
You tried ass
Someguy 89
Someguy 89 2 दिन पहले
L is for lovers who love one another A is for ass of which I like to eat U is for u're the only one for me G id for the only gamer I see H is for happy, I always feel it when you put them together what do you get? LAUGH!
Aiden Orsburne
Aiden Orsburne 3 दिन पहले
That "elf" is a gnome?
Kadin Kingston
Kadin Kingston 3 दिन पहले
11:56 The primary colors have yellow
Donna Harrall
Donna Harrall 3 दिन पहले
I have asthma
Tonya Baker
Tonya Baker 3 दिन पहले
I have asthma and I have never was never teased about it.... HMMMMMMMMMMMM........
glowing wolf
glowing wolf 3 दिन पहले
Does Jack realize the first video he watched it actually only had three challenges even I would be able to complete that
The city Shanker
The city Shanker 3 दिन पहले
I’m a Newfie Never liked hockey yet the rest of my family does Wow a flipnote animation I haven’t seen those in forever and god damn is it amazing
Captinrex259 3 दिन पहले
uh so hey guys my Real Name IS uh Todd and F*** you to m8's lol jk dont call me canadian jack in NZ
Yellow Thanoss 420 6969
Yellow Thanoss 420 6969 3 दिन पहले
Jack: keep up the good work Also jack: enough of this shit 😂😂😂😂😂
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