The Masked Singer: Find Out Which Musician Was the Alien!

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More celebrities kept us guessing as they performed in disguise on FOX's unique and over-the-top singing competition show. ET spoke with Ken Jeong about the series' upcoming second season while promoting his upcoming comedy special, 'Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho,' streaming Feb. 14 on Netflix.
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Kennadi  Green
Kennadi Green महीने पहले
I. Knew L.A. toya jackaon because she did the same mooves and the jackson family
Will Jarrett
Will Jarrett महीने पहले
Damn not one but two alien masks!
Rogelio Montana
Rogelio Montana महीने पहले
Egiptian mummy!!!
Champ Marly
Champ Marly महीने पहले
A model turned singer that could not sing. Perfect
D Kue
D Kue महीने पहले
I'm glad their coming back for season 2
Teresa Rodrigues
Teresa Rodrigues महीने पहले
The LOSERS show
Teresa Rodrigues
Teresa Rodrigues महीने पहले
Stupid show
Ashley Hollon
Ashley Hollon महीने पहले
I love this show I watch it all day an Hulu
Drizzy Williams
Drizzy Williams महीने पहले
I would be shocked to not see a washed up "celeb".
eternalchao11 महीने पहले
Invader Zim!
LonesomeMuse महीने पहले
Why is some chick cosplaying as Invader Zim on a singing show??
Darrin Moon1
Darrin Moon1 महीने पहले
This show is so Illuminati MK ultra crap. Looks like one big eyes wide shut party where the stars drink human blood and use adrenacrome
D W महीने पहले
Invader zim?
AnonymousLovelyView महीने पहले
I have no idea what this show even is and for the most part, I don't care to know anything more about it. I just watch this because I thought it had something to do with Invader Zim.
Hendrik Granna
Hendrik Granna महीने पहले
I dont see a difference between mask on and mask off.
Satia Baby
Satia Baby महीने पहले
I thought it was Kendall. I want to see the original but I know I won't know any of the celebs
Jason Fan
Jason Fan महीने पहले
Who tf are these people?!??!
Is4nep0w3rs महीने पहले
I first thought the costume was invader zim’s female counterpart
Epic and beyond Gaming and adventures.
Epic and beyond Gaming and adventures. महीने पहले
ET go home
Radicalizzy महीने पहले
The whole concept of this show sucks. From the reveals to the judges to the actual singers. Geez
faster than you Black
faster than you Black महीने पहले
I hate this show.
Swordterranean40 महीने पहले
I didn't really care about this show anyway...
BlackFang महीने पहले
Invader Zion is that you
Bryce McKenzie
Bryce McKenzie महीने पहले
Wow. I can't believe it was her!
Rhysand's High Lady
Rhysand's High Lady महीने पहले
La Toya cannot sing I'm so done 😂
plz stop no plz plz stop
plz stop no plz plz stop महीने पहले
Who? Lol
Kat महीने पहले
Everyone knows it was Latoya. Us non singer viewers figured out who the alien is, but the judges are all surprised? Gimme a break.
primo Don
primo Don महीने पहले
From :20 - :21 the way she says that makes her look crazy
Zanxiety महीने पहले
Looks like micheal Jackson
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash महीने पहले
That suit is 100% Invader Zim don't care that she said she not inspired by Invader Zim she totally 100% base it on Invader Zim that's Invaders In
Plumber Fountain Hills AZ
Plumber Fountain Hills AZ महीने पहले
Great video and Thank you
NEKO Ichigo Sutcliff
NEKO Ichigo Sutcliff महीने पहले
ZIM *is* the celebrity
mimi mure
mimi mure महीने पहले
my guess is the monster is t pain, rabbit is joey fatone, peacock is donny osmond, bee is gladys knight and the lion is rumor willis. those are my guesses from day one. lets see how i do lol. so far i have guessed the pineapple tommy chong, unicorn tori spelling, the raven as ricki lake and alien latoya jackson. I cant believe i didnt guess terry bradshaw as the deer, i said it was peyton manning hahaha. the damn football helmet on his deer head gave it away he was a football player if anyone noticed lol. I love this show but damn its driving me bananas to guess who it is hahaha
mimi mure
mimi mure महीने पहले
I said it was letoya jackson from day one. the clues all fit her from the whole snake thing and the police badge from Indiana. and if you look closely she was actually paying homage to her brother Michael Jackson with the glittery gloves. I cant believe none of the judges caught that lol. just like they didnt notice terry bradshaws football helmet he was wearing as a deer lol. The judges need to pay close attention to the masked singers outfits and such. They might not be seeing but whats on their head and their outfits is gonna be a big clue on who they are.
Stupid Gay Hoe
Stupid Gay Hoe महीने पहले
The Korean version of this show is way better.
lisa ryder
lisa ryder महीने पहले
envader Zim?
Shaun Dejwan
Shaun Dejwan महीने पहले
So they got all the rejects from celebrity big brother to sing with a mask on, great idea.
Daniel महीने पहले
Invader ZIM taking over the world
dhaval patel
dhaval patel महीने पहले
Can Nick Cannon take that wrap off his head. That's cultural appropriation. He looks ridiculous too. Hearing Latoya sing would've been more helpful than the reveal
JPHawk महीने पहले
Tip Tig
Tip Tig महीने पहले
Trey Raggins
Trey Raggins महीने पहले
I thought it was going to be modern day celebs
coda bleep
coda bleep महीने पहले
That outfit is definitely inspired from Invader Zim
Dangelo Smith
Dangelo Smith महीने पहले
The alien in that costume looks like Invader Zim
Countdrakeula 22
Countdrakeula 22 महीने पहले
That suit is invader zim change my mind
Marissa Peart
Marissa Peart महीने पहले
I have no idea why I enjoy watching this stupid show
Lumlum 507
Lumlum 507 महीने पहले
I’m so confused. Why and how am I here?
AJ Sweeney
AJ Sweeney महीने पहले
Ffs of course Jenny McCarthy is going to be the one saying I knew it all along, you all doubted me blablabla when everyone else at least tries to be a little humble. At this point I wish she would go back to preaching lies about vaccines.
Rickest Rick
Rickest Rick महीने पहले
I assume she chose Invader Zim cause all that plastic surgery made her look like an alien.
Dark Jesus
Dark Jesus महीने पहले
Trump: Ahhhhh alien invasion
Stellar Lunar
Stellar Lunar महीने पहले
She was the Turkey all along
evilwatermelon99 महीने पहले
Well thanks for the quick title honesty I guess
Jordan Malbrew
Jordan Malbrew महीने पहले
Who the hell are these “celebrities” where’s Beyoncé Ariana Nicki Minaj Miley Cyrus Taylor Swift usher Chris brown Charlie Puth Ed Sheeran etc
Prince T
Prince T महीने पहले
Wow she look like Michael after his surgery’s
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad महीने पहले
I knew it was her since day one.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance महीने पहले
Hello, Humans. My time on Earth has been interesting. I've met alot of strange beings called Humans. 30 years is a long time, to stay on any planet. Perhaps, I shall move around the universe. I'm never sure what awaits me.
Ephemeral_Style महीने पहले
The mighty tallest want to speak to you Zim.
Dillon Coto
Dillon Coto महीने पहले
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin महीने पहले
Superstar Entertainer and LaToya Jackson don’t go in the same sentence
Crazyroller2010 महीने पहले
She did it cuz she’s a has been
Poop Scoop
Poop Scoop महीने पहले
This show is so lame. The crowd is so fake, the "celebs" are outdated, and whoever wants to wait 30 or 60 minutes to see an adult under a mask has too much time on their hands.
Kylee Aldridge
Kylee Aldridge महीने पहले
I'm obsessed with this show.
Steven Nwogu
Steven Nwogu महीने पहले
Do anybody ever wonder if Robin Thicke still feels depressed since after cheating on his wife🤔..?
KDF Kdf महीने पहले
Corey Bradley
Corey Bradley महीने पहले
I was wondering who was dressing like 21 savage.
J-Pocket महीने पहले
I AM ZIMMMMMM! Litteraly the only reason I clicked this video. Sorry...but not really?
simon mountford
simon mountford महीने पहले
true, true
andrea strickland
andrea strickland महीने पहले
It's Invader Zim 👽
Nikki Riv
Nikki Riv महीने पहले
Is that micheal jackson?
ScreamingBanchie महीने पहले
ZIM is me!!!
Caroline Wright
Caroline Wright महीने पहले
My thoughts: "OK - i'm kinda intrigued to watch this show" "Holy shit, Robin Thicke sounds just like his dad" *starts YouTubing Growing Pains instead*
Dog Blood
Dog Blood महीने पहले
Do Marshmello
Issa Youtube Channel
Issa Youtube Channel महीने पहले
Yes omggg she was rightt
Sarcastic Memer
Sarcastic Memer महीने पहले
I thought it would be 21 savage
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz महीने पहले
LaToya was a hot alien! Look at those curves on her, and a beautiful face to match. 😍❤️
HENRY THE RC CAR महीने पहले
Put the mask back on 🙃
Lily’s Life
Lily’s Life महीने पहले
Simple Tay
Simple Tay महीने पहले
I knew it lol
D0nt M1ndmyname
D0nt M1ndmyname महीने पहले
Is it weird I don’t know anyone they’ve unmasked yet
D0nt M1ndmyname
D0nt M1ndmyname महीने पहले
KDF Kdf not young just these people suck
KDF Kdf महीने पहले
No. It means you are young.
A r e y
A r e y महीने पहले
Can we get a *HE HEEEE* in the chat 😂😂
C.C.C महीने पहले
I thought these people were supposed to be celebrates, Who tf is that???
Kurox Waffles
Kurox Waffles महीने पहले
"FOX's unique and over-the-top singing competition show"... you mean the unique show from Korea with the same exact concept that's been out for years?
Johnny Stigmata
Johnny Stigmata महीने पहले
Why this occult dance ritual trash trending with barley any views?
Hisheem King
Hisheem King महीने पहले
This girl know this industry people supposedly killed her brother an you dress up like a fallen Angel full of joy for the world now I see why Mike called her looney an crazy jermaine Jackson thanks for keeping it real wit me in LA years ago
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset महीने पहले
Damn, they act like celebs are gods on this show...cringey
Michael Hovsomething
Michael Hovsomething महीने पहले
Wasn’t this the premise of a Black Mirror episode?
Roland Dawson
Roland Dawson महीने पहले
That wig was totally about to come off. XD
Linda Carrasco
Linda Carrasco महीने पहले
That’s Janet Jackson?
Madeline Maureen
Madeline Maureen महीने पहले
why is Jenny Mccarthy even on this show? I'm not trying to "cancel" her or anything, but she is a straight up horrible person who shouldn't have this type of platform. I was going to watch this show because I loved the Korean version, but when I saw who the panel was I just couldn't get behind this show. Ken and Nicole are great but really can't stand the others.
Twisted monk
Twisted monk महीने पहले
Entertainment tonight Et Alien Hmmmmmm
CrazyAnxiousCat महीने पहले
Omg Invader Zim became a tallest!!! He deserves it!
J-Pocket महीने पहले
Finally right?
Wyguy the French Fry
Wyguy the French Fry महीने पहले
The Bunny is Neil Patrick Harris
Ricochet Gaming
Ricochet Gaming महीने पहले
Charly महीने पहले
Wheres dib when you need him
elyvion महीने पहले
Wait theres an american version???
Tayte42 Vlogs
Tayte42 Vlogs महीने पहले
I thought it was Michael Jackson at first
DG Phoenix
DG Phoenix महीने पहले
She literally antman
Juanita Peters
Juanita Peters महीने पहले
I never even knew she existed.... But soon as she took the mask off i was like damn those jacksons are gorgeous
THE SAUCE महीने पहले
Michael Jackson has entered the chat
Kamel, K
Kamel, K महीने पहले
Child killer Jenny still gets work, while people who tweet a joke 10 years ago get banned from hosting the Oscars.
FireWithFire महीने पहले
0:00 - 00:05 Uuuuuh....did he say "superstar singer, entertainer" ?????!!!!!
Somebody Thatiusedtoknow
Somebody Thatiusedtoknow महीने पहले
Which singer is the baby from Happy death day 2 u?
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