This Rs 90000 Foldable Phone is from the Future! (Royole FlexPai Smartphone)

Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar)
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In this Video, #AmitBhawani shows you the Royole Felxpai - the world's first #FoldableSmartphone from CES 2019. With the foldable/bendable display, the Flexpai can be used as both smartphone and tablet.
Amidst the hype of foldable display smartphones between Samsung and Huawei, an American-based Chinese company called Royole has surprisingly launched the world's first foldable display smartphone. The company that makes flexible displays has unveiled the FlexPai foldable display smartphone. It's an Android smartphone that has a 7.8-inch display that folds to act as a phone or tablet, whenever required. Along with the interesting foldable display, the FlexPai also packs in powerful specifications under the hood.
It is powered by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 855 octa-core processor coupled with 6/8GB of RAM and 128/256GB of onboard storage respectively. The FlexPai also features dual cameras - 16MP+20MP with an aperture f/1.8. A 3970mAh battery powers foldable FlexPai smartphone and also supports quick charging. It runs on Android 9.0 based Water OS. The phone was launched in China, and the pricing starts at CNY 8,999 for the 6GB variant and CNY 9,998 for the larger 8GB/256GB variant.
Royole launches world's first foldable display smartphone - the Flex Pai.
For more details - phoneradar.com/royole-7-8-flexpai-could-be-worlds-first-foldable-phone/
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Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar)
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Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar) d
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Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar) please say slowly .......you thought i am just doing the normal comment but after reading this you will be amazed i am chutiya
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I love bezel less phone
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Bezel less
hemnarayan verma
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How to buy this phone
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mother chud paltu baat maat kar
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What is the meaning of join near subscribe button
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Super our bheee video bnayo sir
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Interesting thing 😀😊
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Nokia best he hamare liye
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Naturist children
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This phone is pretty cool then mate and infinity
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Super product
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bakwas hai sir ji
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India me nahi haie
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Wo sab tho thik he lekin itne hil kyu rahe ho bhai .....tik tok jada dekh liya kya😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Awsome sir
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Samsung galaxy fold iska baap ane wala h Chal nhikal bsdk
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Hai beta samsung
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Kitna diya Sony walon ne
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now it's available by samsung
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Bhai Samsung Is Samsung
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Kitni bar fold Kar sakte hai
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Mobile price High sir
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Bohot awla
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Garbage phone 🍌🍌
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OMG brilliant
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Sabse interesting cheez to tum ho bro
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Practical nahi hai ye device .. .implementation sahi nahi hai ...foldable phone ka...fold hone ke baad ..bahut thik ho jate hai....jyada nahi chalenge...foldable phone......
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Faltu device
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Interesting ka pramo kar raha hai sala .... technical gurujika
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Nokia 888
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Foken fons ar fo puffs mate
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Samsung already made it
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Chutiya amit with ghatiya phone
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I am not gonna like future.
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concept acha h but abhi bhut work ki jrurt h
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Why do you all copy the same tone while explaining the features, apni style m bat krni chahiye, don't copy 🙌
great mauaima
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0:55 screen khatam
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tum to apple ki tatti chato har waqt iski tareef kyun kar raye
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its not a floding phone its a bending phone
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Very poor phone
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Technology Pramod
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Best foldable smartphone Samsung hi hoga
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Yhe to ab lena hi padega...kasam se
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Ni lau
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BEKAR phone.. hai....foldable ..
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Foldable, so what? Useless
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Isko pocket me kaise rkhege
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India me kab launch hoga
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vera kumar
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Hardly any one will buy that
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Awesome 👍
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Faltu lg raha hai ! Sam ka kaisa hoga wo dekhna hai
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But why
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Too good
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I like 😍
Poonam Chitra
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Lg kahan se aa gaya
Rama Devi
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I feel foldable phone is not good
salman ihsan
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Jab tak koi b company foldable battery nai bna leti tab tak ye foldable smart phone bekar hain
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How to Download Games in Zip Winar महीने पहले
Bhai pocket meh kaise rkhengeh??
Ome Rawal
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Mere xiaomi ke folding phones ayenge!!!
Chandrakant Rasekar
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vikas manhas
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Fold kr k kya hoga..bc..
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I don't think foldable screen phones are practical phones
rashid abbasi
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Kya screen glass hi ki hai because Glass fold kese hoskta hai
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Zabardast device
Haji Sahib
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I am not agree to buy that kind of phone 📱
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Price kya hai bhai iska
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Kiya bat hai sar je wosam company
All tape videos upload my chanel
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very very nice Bhro
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saransh nautiyal
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Chutiya sa to phone hai
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App apne bacho ko de sakte ho... acha khelona hai
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Good product 👌👍
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No i will not buy
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Bro but gaming ke time flex toh Nahi Hoga na??
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bht chutiya h yr tu..
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Bhi okt nhi has😞😞😢
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Samsung Galaxy x have this further
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