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Today Breaking News ! आज के मुख्य समाचार, January 2019 PM Modi Petrol, SBI, Bank, RC - Today Breaking News ! आज 12 जनवरी के मुख्य समाचार, 12 January 2019 PM Modi Petrol, SBI Bank, RC, CBI
आज के सोने चांदी के भाव:-
- सोना प्रति 40 रुपये टूटकर 33,030 रुपये प्रति 10 ग्राम के स्तर पर आ गया.
- चांदी भी 60 रुपये टूटकर 40,450 रुपये प्रति किलोग्राम रह गई.
आज के पेट्रोल डीजल के भाव :-
- भारत में आज पेट्रोल की कीमत 68.85 रुपये / लीटर है।
- भारत में डीजल की कीमत आज 62.98 रुपये / लीटर है।
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ESIC भर्ती 2019: पैरामेडिकल और नर्सिंग स्टाफ के 1522 पदों के लिए करें आवेदन, 21 जनवरी से पहले
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Today Top Headlines news :-
1. Now your salary will be given at the right time, the government has taken these strict steps
2. Now the journey of Chardham in every season, the Supreme Court's green flag
3. Important news for students of 10th, CBSE made major changes in mathematics paper
4. CBSE 10th Board Exam: CBSE has given the good news, now the scholars will be able to choose mathematics easier paper
5. Google built without battery, relieving the hassle of charging, know its specialty
6. urea will be cheap at Rs 35.50, the center has given permission to issue the notification
7. Be careful with the beautiful faces in the metro, otherwise it can be a big loss!
8. One minute of importance understood by the railway, now that this new exercise
9. In spite of not doing a job, it can be found at Home Loan, these documents will be needed.
10. Make a plan to go to Vaishno Devi, on this day the ancient cave of Maa Vaishno Devi will open, a golden opportunity to see
11. Without the KYC loan, these banks, till now thousands of people have raised the leverage
12. Now do not have to find urine to do the washroom, anytime anywhere Peeschute can be used
13. Be careful! This can be canceled by mistake in your car's RC
14. This company's smartphone may be dangerous, the virus already exists in the phone
15. CBI controversy: Alok Verma gave up, Fa, Nageshwar Rao changed the previous verdict
16. Amazon introduced the KYC verification by going to user's home like Paytm
17. Amazon Great Indian Sale will start from Jan 20, Read Offers and Deals Details
18. Do not forget to call the bank on the phone
19. Good news: small businesses will get insurance cover of 10 lakh, government will announce soon
20. After Makar Sankranti, farmers and poor will get gifts, 30 thousand rupees will come into account.
21. Here, only Rs 5.40 lakh is getting your own home, apply today.
22. This company defeats SanDisk, Launches 1000GB memory card
23. / 9667161273 If no phone calls from the number, call from this number and remove 80 million
24. Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Modi government can announce this plan, every month the house will come so much money
25. Scientists claim, the electric vehicle will run up to a full 800 KM on charge
26. A big bug in Google search, anyone can tamper with results
27. Government committed to make GST simple and friendly: Prime Minister Modi
28. The establishment of new AIIMS: Two more to Jammu and Kashmir and gift of an AIIMS to Gujarat, approved by the cabinet
29. EC asks High Court- can not stop political comments and posts of people on social media
30. Bank of Baroda: Limit to keep minimum balance on savings account increased
31. Now 8 lakhs of income and 5 acres of property will not be entitled to the reservation of the general, the government will change the definition of poverty, these changes
32. A 100-year-old battery company, Eveready, is being sold by Bhopal Gas Tragedy Company
33. On the last day of the festival fair, if you have a bike then you will get 25 thousand rupees per month
34. UP farmers will be able to make online business in Rajasthan and Haryana
35. Modi government will give another relief to farmers, the premium amount of crop insurance can be reduced
36. Good news: small businesses will get insurance cover of 10 lakhs, government will announce soon
37. SBI's account will get double interest from savings account, learn everything about it
38. Farmers-poor will get gifts, 30 thousand rupees will come into account
39. Changes in rules will close till March 50% ATM
40. In these states, smoking in public places will be heavy, orders of action taken by ADG, ... know what is the provision of punishment
Today Breaking News ! आज 12 जनवरी के मुख्य समाचार, 12 January 2019 PM Modi Petrol, SBI Bank, RC, CBI



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