Tottenham v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/07/19 | NBC Sports

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Spurs put Burnley to the sword at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, scoring a flood of world-class goals in a 5-0 romp. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Burnley #Tottenham
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Tottenham v. Burnley | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 12/07/19 | NBC Sports




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Audemars Piguet[TQ]
Audemars Piguet[TQ] महीने पहले
Son is just an overall team player and everyone loves that and loves him.
Audemars Piguet[TQ]
Audemars Piguet[TQ] महीने पहले
2:00 that was just beautiful
Blue Leone
Blue Leone महीने पहले
14:12 what did Sissoko say?! Lol
National Study Academy Kim
National Study Academy Kim महीने पहले
"Burnley has been Kained"
Super Frank8
Super Frank8 महीने पहले
14:05 good luck Jose!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Derick Mendez
Derick Mendez महीने पहले
I saw a comment a couple of days ago saying "Son literally just ran nothing special unless that's what people are into." But he was too stupid to realize that you don't see players making 80 yard runs in the Premier League because it's the Premier League!!!!
g महीने पहले
g महीने पहले
jovany escamilla
jovany escamilla महीने पहले
Son was easily the best purchase that Poch made for spurs. Next to Dele Alli. As a fan I was very skeptical when we first got him considering he cost 22 million pounds it was a steal. Look at him now. It would take at least £100 million to pry him away. And that’s cheap considering Neymar cost 200 mil.
redpepperdave महीने पहले
Well done fellas 💪
Sun Koh
Sun Koh महीने पहले
Son everywhere
Worlboss Unruly
Worlboss Unruly महीने पहले
Very underrated player son...he plays with all his heart ❤️ not a lot of players is like this
Jin Namgoong
Jin Namgoong महीने पहले
Goal of the SEASON!!!
Marquete50 महीने पहले
If Messi has scored that goal son did people would be going insane
김경택 महीने पहले
I think Son will still have to practice a lot, he is not "world class" yet
Jason Kim
Jason Kim महीने पहले
You thought wrong !!!!
Yue Zhang
Yue Zhang महीने पहले
Best Asian player
Aros San
Aros San महीने पहले
I can watch Son's goal everyday with no regret..btw i'm a Man Unite fan.
HaylonHarroo87 महीने पहले
David DTrump
David DTrump महीने पहले
The best goal in the world ! SON
Inyeob Kim
Inyeob Kim महीने पहले
Better than ronaldo period. Ronaldo era is over. Even Ronsldo doesnt have this kind of goal in his entire career.
Isaac Bae
Isaac Bae महीने पहले
손흥민 잘하네~~
Enrique Briceno
Enrique Briceno महीने पहले
Heung-Min my Son
JooYoung Kim
JooYoung Kim महीने पहले
Proud ma Son :)
Habibatoulah Bah
Habibatoulah Bah महीने पहले
Son 🥅 goal wow 💪💪
Habibatoulah Bah
Habibatoulah Bah महीने पहले
Kane ❤️💪
Vanilla Icena
Vanilla Icena महीने पहले
Son should've done that goal against Liverpool
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams महीने पहले
Good lord that son goal was fucking incredible
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez महीने पहले
What did Son’s dad told Son? Son, you are my Son!
Alexander Salgado
Alexander Salgado महीने पहले
Since everyone is talking about tottenham, i’d like to point out burnleys left midfielder mcneil, that dude has an insane cross.
Alexander Salgado
Alexander Salgado महीने पहले
Jason Kim 6:20 , 8:40 , 12:35 .
Jason Kim
Jason Kim महीने पहले
Where was it in this game?
xx YS xx
xx YS xx महीने पहले
I like how son is the only one smiling
Ruthless Bruno Maxwell
Ruthless Bruno Maxwell महीने पहले
That son goal thou...Messi level
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez महीने पहले
Son could easily fit in as a winger on a top team but he really shines at Tottenham. Would have him in Atletico immediately xD
Gabriel Aldridge
Gabriel Aldridge महीने पहले
Lol Kane’s first cool goal
Luca D
Luca D महीने पहले
son is actually the worst player in the prem
Roman Justice
Roman Justice महीने पहले
Super Sonny!!!
Miguel Meza
Miguel Meza महीने पहले
A total different Spurs under Mou's management, I LOVE THE SPURS!!
Alexx M’s
Alexx M’s महीने पहले
I hate when they check the VAR when it’s clearly a goal
Marcus 09
Marcus 09 महीने पहले
Good game spurs.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson महीने पहले
Maradona's solo goal against England is legendary, Messi's goal against Getafe is exceptional, but Son's goal is better than both.
TheMaestro7777777 महीने पहले
They are all good
Saint Force
Saint Force महीने पहले
6:53 best of the best! SONNY!!! And i think he ran about 82 Yards on that field, he just got a world record for that Goal?
Saint Force
Saint Force महीने पहले
@Jason Kim oops sorry your right Yards.
Jason Kim
Jason Kim महीने पहले
Imported TV
Imported TV महीने पहले
eddyvideostar महीने पहले
At 5:40 minutes: Old school styled shorts.
Dae-Joong Kim
Dae-Joong Kim महीने पहले
Son : I can not made this Puskas goal without Mourinho, without he’s defensive strategy..
Moto Hyun
Moto Hyun महीने पहले
Whata, goal. ! Hung min SON. Did it. Again What a. Bloody funtastic ! Play By. HUNGMIN SON . TODAY YOURE THE. KING. PDXV
TheWitness1001 महीने पहले
6:54 Mourinho said about Son's goal it reminded him of Ronaldo Nazario's goal with Barcelona. Me, it reminds me of the best of all goals: That of Armando Diego Maradona.
J S महीने पहले
Unbelievable!!! love this boy SON!
SHINBAE महीने पहले
Korea’s pride SON!!!
Richard Parra
Richard Parra महीने पहले
Lets go Son
Komi Agboka
Komi Agboka महीने पहले
Son is also among the legends💯
YC Motors
YC Motors महीने पहले
goog job best porfessional
Sting3R महीने पहले
6:52 enjoy rewatching this all day long! what a goal!
Suman Bhandari
Suman Bhandari महीने पहले
6:23 what a block by Sanchez!
Andrew Pyovarotti Pyo
Andrew Pyovarotti Pyo महीने पहले
That run was impressive... Power and finish...
T7k 209
T7k 209 महीने पहले
I actually got play with sissoko in Los Angeles and he scored on me
sonof amun
sonof amun महीने पहले
aka medias : mourinho can't adapt to modern football Mourinho : hold my Son
Geraldine Francoise
Geraldine Francoise महीने पहले
I love the spirit of this team
sheets0f metal
sheets0f metal महीने पहले
Finally Lucas gets to play lol, I don't know why Poche keeps him on the bench.
Haoming Chen
Haoming Chen महीने पहले
Son is unstoppable..
Dagmawi Dagi
Dagmawi Dagi महीने पहले
Wonderful son
Daniel Taeyoung Park
Daniel Taeyoung Park महीने पहले
손흥민 진짜 국뽕에 취한다! I am SOOOOOO proud of Son as one of the Korean citizens. What a great honor to have him on out National Team!!! Lets go SOONNNNNN
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