TRAUMA CENTER Exclusive Trailer (2019) Bruce Willis, Nicky Whelan

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TRAUMA CENTER Exclusive Trailer (2019) Bruce Willis, Nicky Whelan Action Movie HD
PLOT: Alone and trapped in a locked-down hospital isolation ward overnight, an injured young woman must escape a pair of vicious killers who are after the only piece of evidence that can implicate them in a grisly murder - the bullet in her leg. Luckily, a veteran cop is assigned to protect her, and he becomes her protector as the night grows more dangerous. In addition to Bruce Willis, the film stars Nicky Whelan, Steve Guttenberg and Texas Battle.
CAST: Bruce Willis, Nicky Whelan, Steve Guttenberg
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fatima vakilipour
fatima vakilipour 5 दिन पहले
the gr play d like an idiot
Kulwant Dhaliwal
Kulwant Dhaliwal 5 दिन पहले
How was this shit in the cinema?
Eagle Cos
Eagle Cos 6 दिन पहले
Really??? Bruce willis staring and a Lions gate production and this is the best u could do? lol what a joke, worst movie for 2019.
jamesmc75 महीने पहले
Another Bruce Willis movie where he just has to show up work a week and get paid.
adrian sibley
adrian sibley महीने पहले
Andrés Roberti
Andrés Roberti महीने पहले
I already know how all the movie goes by
TimTheScarecrow महीने पहले
Showed us the whole movie and even ruined the twist at the end (turns out bruce is the leader and they were his hitmen)
Ania Saluda
Ania Saluda महीने पहले
This movie gonna be sooooooooooo bad.
Kana Beats
Kana Beats महीने पहले
so they told us the whole story? why does bruce willis do these kinds of movies now...
Harley guy 68
Harley guy 68 महीने पहले
Come on Bruce don't turn into Nick Cage on us...whoops you already did.🤣😂
Eric Leslie
Eric Leslie महीने पहले
Wow. This looks truly terrible.
Beteradette Bond
Beteradette Bond महीने पहले
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Dylan Harrington
Dylan Harrington महीने पहले
He's dead the whole time(spoiler)
cometsan! महीने पहले
wait...they made a live action movie of an atlus game now??? ok. well done hollywood. cant wait for americans dancing like in bollywoods
Anton Pospelov
Anton Pospelov महीने पहले
wow, so in 16 blocks, Die Hard 4, Die Hard 5, Mercury Falling he plays a cop who helps guys in witness protection. but here see it's different, he helps a girl!
Waffle Ranger
Waffle Ranger महीने पहले
Why’s he talking like that?
mario_ महीने पहले
another B movie, with Tito Ortiz as co-starring . Chase in a hospital. Talking about rich production
shiftstart महीने पहले
Thank you for showing us the plot, the surprises and the outcome. I don’t need to put 90 minutes of my life on this.
Seth Restivo
Seth Restivo महीने पहले
Die Hard 9: Die Hard With a Sexy Blonde
Absolynth महीने पहले
Chris Clark
Chris Clark महीने पहले
It's like Home Alone. But in a hospital.
Tuck Frump
Tuck Frump महीने पहले
Oy! I knew that he was doing those cheap B movies but this is a new low even for him.
The Vault Master
The Vault Master महीने पहले
Assault on Halloween Precinct II
Savage 1
Savage 1 महीने पहले
Tito lol
gunilla edqvist
gunilla edqvist महीने पहले
b film
David Gatt
David Gatt महीने पहले
that look poor
PaleoCollector महीने पहले
Another movie based on a video game... 😜
8ScorpioN8 महीने पहले
Сюжет ни о чём, но Брюс красава!
EyesOfByes महीने पहले
#TheGirlWhoPlayedWithFire #FlickanSomLekteMedElden
ма е
ма е महीने पहले
Крепкий орешек в больнице пустой? )
J Kelly
J Kelly महीने पहले
man....i remember when any bruce willis movie, was a pretty good, if not GREAT bruce willis movie. he has turned in to Steven Segal.
J Kelly
J Kelly महीने पहले
Magnetar 117 .......well fair enough. Good points
Magnetar 117
Magnetar 117 महीने पहले
Damn I don't think he is that bad. You really need to unpack what you just said. Segal in on a level of bad that is not quantifiable by current mathematical standers. I don't think Bruce is there yet, but if he keeps this up he will be. Plus not all of these straight to streaming or DVD and Blu-Ray movie are bad.
Justin Mueller
Justin Mueller महीने पहले
Anyone else notice Tito Ortiz?
Phillip Young
Phillip Young महीने पहले
Need to see this sooner!! Stat!!!
AssCrown महीने पहले
The title got me excited for a new Trauma Center game release :(
Tyrone Tucker
Tyrone Tucker महीने पहले
Spelt centre wrong lol
Richard Rosengarten
Richard Rosengarten महीने पहले
You mean they spelled center wrang?
Shawn Currie
Shawn Currie महीने पहले
He won't ever turn down any role.
Juss Chillin
Juss Chillin महीने पहले
With Grindstone & Emmett/Furla comes low expectations...
G Axis TV
G Axis TV महीने पहले
Bruce is Back!
F. Kusuma
F. Kusuma महीने पहले
dafuck is this?
Geoffrey Lane
Geoffrey Lane महीने पहले
She isn't going to die and neither is Bruce Willis.
Rage Against My Hairline
Rage Against My Hairline महीने पहले
Descenter1976 Yup.
Descenter1976 महीने पहले
Plot twist, Bruce Willis is going to die (hard), as he is the REAL bad guy!
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