Watch Murray State, Ja Morant roll past Marquette in first round of NCAA tournament

NCAA March Madness
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Watch a condensed version of Murray State vs Marquette as Ja Morant led the Racers with a triple-double and into the second round of the NCAA tournament.
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Jack Finn
Jack Finn 13 दिन पहले
This was a close game til the second half, then Murray State went off
Dwight Love
Dwight Love 24 दिन पहले
Everyone is talking about Ja leaving the question is who will be his eventual successor a program is only good as the ppl who are coming to replace the upperclassmen.
NYCKY SHOEZZZ 28 दिन पहले
Need Ja on the LAKERS
Luis S
Luis S 28 दिन पहले
Let's find out what Ja rule got to say about this!
eadekolu 28 दिन पहले
This my first time watching him and WOW he's tied for #1 over all draft to me
Blue Moon
Blue Moon 28 दिन पहले
These female comments with auto sound voices are killing me. Makes the game seem so robot-ed. Pushing mute button and pushing closed caption on Mute.
Jason Scoggins
Jason Scoggins 29 दिन पहले
Talented Mr. Flowers
Talented Mr. Flowers 29 दिन पहले
He's gonna be a legend...Mark It
lightskinboston JJ
lightskinboston JJ 29 दिन पहले
He look like baby Kyrie out there aka unlce Drew 🤔😮
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas 29 दिन पहले
As good as Zion is, I would have a hard time picking him over Morant. One of those cool drafts where the top 3 are drafted by fit. Suns will finally get their PG Knicks need a PF Cavs need a wing (RJ)
Roberts TV
Roberts TV महीने पहले
deebocj महीने पहले
Talk about dishing! 🤑
Kobe24537 TV
Kobe24537 TV महीने पहले
You can't do that step back on 2K it's lightly contented
TPC KAI महीने पहले
For cavs fans youngbull or ja
Nathaniel Marino
Nathaniel Marino महीने पहले
At 6:09 the bucket did not count, watch closely. Marquette did not get points for it. Also, they took 2 points off Murray st score. It went from 53 to 51.🤷🏼‍♂️
H I 75 videos
H I 75 videos 20 दिन पहले
Nathaniel Marino they put the clips out of order if you look at the time. Took me awhile to see that so I can see your confusion
TRM Shronkey
TRM Shronkey महीने पहले
I swear every single Marquette fan that is posting a comment there is toxic Murray St fans replying.
Chris Wright
Chris Wright महीने पहले
Can Marcus Howard get some love too? The kid is nice
Jimmer महीने पहले
Ja is a god
#32 was throwing dimes too
Marvie Julian
Marvie Julian महीने पहले
j.a morant the eight draft
MegaLaidback महीने पहले
Great game.
Bogdan P
Bogdan P महीने पहले
Going to be extremely scary seeing Ayton, Booker, Morant. Oubre on the same team. Predicting a spike in wins from 20 something to 47 wins and a 5th seed out west. GO SUNS MAKE DADDY PROUD!!!
Quan Cooley
Quan Cooley महीने पहले
It's 1 thing to lose to a 12 seed it another to get blown out ja is good good
Adrian POV
Adrian POV महीने पहले
Bruh this Ja dude court vision is something else 🤦🏾‍♂️ he definitely got a bright future
Leo Tha Last
Leo Tha Last महीने पहले
Morant needs to go under the tutelage of Pop. If he does, it's over!!!
Derrick Lovelace
Derrick Lovelace महीने पहले
That dunk tho 💯💪,John nice got those handles to
Tunechi Da GOAT
Tunechi Da GOAT महीने पहले
Do u see the amount of attention Morant attracts when he has the ball?His court vision is incredible! #2 draft pick for sure! Lookin forward to seeing how Murray State handles the length that Florida State has tho 😎oh yea Howard from Marquette is a walking bucket!
RealEstate Randy
RealEstate Randy महीने पहले
I would not be upset if Ja Morant goes number #1 pick most explosive guard since west brook high IQ better passer and guess what cab shoot the 3! To me a safer lock than Williamson! Numbers and the tape don’t lie
Jarvis Walker
Jarvis Walker महीने पहले
I would pick Ja over Zion in the draft ,no B.S... 93.8 % of Duke players that go to the NBA either STAY hurt/injured or fizzle out quicker than expected ...the media consntantly over hype Duke players ...dont drink the kool-aid lol frfr
Kevin महीने पहले
This wasn't an upset. Ja dominated
phat blk
phat blk महीने पहले
Buchanan 1#
William Batey
William Batey महीने पहले
The only question left for Ja Morant is he going to have a Steph run or a Kemba run?? WOW!!
Jaybaeby महीने पहले
Here come all the murray state band wagons no cap😭😭😭
Goyim Intelligence Agency
Goyim Intelligence Agency महीने पहले
Women should not be calling a men's basketball game!
C Will
C Will महीने पहले
This kid is Special Ja Rulez
J Jones
J Jones महीने पहले
It’s not like he was, but wasn’t. Or maybe? Either way, possible.
Ade O
Ade O महीने पहले
5:50 - Carbon copy of prime D-rose dunking on Dragic. First time all year I actually wondered if Zion should still go first.
jbohnoff महीने पहले
Ja Ja Kaboom! Onto the Round of 32. Then, the Sweet 16!
newsroom pbs
newsroom pbs महीने पहले
Ja should go ahead of that overrated Barrett!!
Delbert Grady
Delbert Grady महीने पहले
The Last Gen Console Gamer
The Last Gen Console Gamer महीने पहले
Colleges should compensate their players.
Rude Won
Rude Won महीने पहले
playmaking on deck 👀
Key Millz
Key Millz महीने पहले
Ja is like Cp3. He the real deal
Jose Orea
Jose Orea महीने पहले
Can someone explain me how the tournament works? I mean is there only one game, and they advance?
Todoroki 88
Todoroki 88 महीने पहले
Hi there are any questions or need any other. this was not the same. I have a great day, I
James Med
James Med महीने पहले
I love to go spanking a granny and call her my shawty 😊
Richard Alanis
Richard Alanis महीने पहले
Bulls must do what ever it takes to get Ja Morant! I’d give a kidney and a lung!
Brandon Martin
Brandon Martin महीने पहले
Support this guy!!! Go to go fund me and type in "Life Changing National Competition, DECA" this kid is the next Steve Jobs, he is an emerging entrepreneur and just in High School!
Rudy D Borboa
Rudy D Borboa महीने पहले
I don't have live tv, so this was the first time I had seen this young man. WOW! That kinda says it all, yes? WOW!!!
LJ Serrato
LJ Serrato महीने पहले
future Chicago Bull I hope
Toxic St3lth
Toxic St3lth महीने पहले
I just noticed how good Murray state is. I should of picked them😰 ja morant is so good
Alexander Arnold
Alexander Arnold महीने पहले
"My Name's Murray/Murphy."
Jude Xavier
Jude Xavier महीने पहले
i have murray state in the sweet sixteen
Lilfaderxken Aka ken ken the monster
Lilfaderxken Aka ken ken the monster महीने पहले
Ja is very very underrated
Penn64 महीने पहले
Ja should go first because he is hot this entire game against a 5 seed and both Zion and RJ are, cold for the entire first half against a 16 seed, they had some good plays but obviously not enough to be in that close a matchup
Penn64 महीने पहले
You know Cowart is underrated, his rebound was a highlight
9000 महीने पहले
marquette got spanked
Globe4Soccer महीने पहले
VALUE महीने पहले
Ja Morant scored or assisted on 55 points
Renaldo Smith
Renaldo Smith महीने पहले
Jah Rastafari
jack milner
jack milner महीने पहले
He the next James harden
theloverswineverytime महीने पहले
Always a pleasure to see former Duke players LOSE as head coaches. First Wojo, then Bobby Hurley. 😂😂😂
John Wagz
John Wagz महीने पहले
I don't think I will hear this guy's name as NBA's elite point guards in 5 years he is in no way able to be compared to Michael Jordan
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa महीने पहले
I had Murray St. for the win! Morant needs to enter the draft. He’s had s crazy year - time to cash in.
Read my name do what it says to do
gary neal
gary neal महीने पहले
Ja is filthy good. Absolutely cerebral in his approach. Next level talent..
Floco 803
Floco 803 महीने पहले
Larry Dash
Larry Dash महीने पहले
BUMP THAT! Marcus Howard killed!
JJ Bruhh
JJ Bruhh महीने पहले
Duh easy dub
Kohl Kenerly
Kohl Kenerly महीने पहले
When you thought Marquette was going to make deep run with their shooter healthy and then you get your bracket busted >=C
Captain Eri
Captain Eri महीने पहले
Hartford on trending
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman महीने पहले
#9 on trending
Vinh-An Nguyen
Vinh-An Nguyen महीने पहले
Ja Morant is special. Any team who pass on this guy will regret it.
Patrick Libunao
Patrick Libunao महीने पहले
Ja Morant is already a better 3 point shooter than Ben Simmons
Chris Clinton
Chris Clinton महीने पहले
Ja smooth man'...
Pels fan before the boogie Trade
Pels fan before the boogie Trade महीने पहले
Who’s this Marcus Howard seems decent
Gregory James
Gregory James महीने पहले
I just don't see anything special with Morant. Terrible D by Marquette. He's way overrated. The three guys at Duke are much better pro prospects. No one even close to Zion he's the best player since LeBron.
Chase Jackson
Chase Jackson महीने पहले
Ja’s dunk at 5:46 was nasty but you got to give credit to that pass though😮
Troy Hopping
Troy Hopping महीने पहले
5:49 that dunk tho
Bootyqueso महीने पहले
.... WOW
tessa phinnoru
tessa phinnoru महीने पहले
H. Ingram.
H. Ingram. महीने पहले
Just go to 5:51, yikes. Love how Ja's teammates already new what was coming
Awesome Gmae.
Teagen Smith
Teagen Smith महीने पहले
Thanks to Ja my bracket is currently perfect! 12/12 I believe 💁🏼‍♂️
Ayoo महीने पहले
Why you pick Minnesota
WD महीने पहले
I know he’s got great game everywhere else, but that poster was disgusting.
Carter Middleton
Carter Middleton महीने पहले
When ja gets the poster, just look at the faces of the crowd😂😂
goutom barman
goutom barman महीने पहले
excellent game
Damian Sollicito
Damian Sollicito महीने पहले
My dads lucky he works in Hartford and got to go to this game
nope not telling
nope not telling महीने पहले
Ja is bad boy! And he plays better against better talented teams in the power conferences..this guy isn't a fluke.
doylewebbs महीने पहले
Hope suns gets first pick n Knicks 2 so can get this guy yall can have zion
Alexander Pinkerton
Alexander Pinkerton महीने पहले
Yes Morant went off but can we appreciate big #32 Cowart.. the man dominated that paint
Jane Porter
Jane Porter महीने पहले
This is why i picked them in my bracket
BJ2K महीने पहले
Some guy in my bracket picked Marquette to win it all
Dan Ghost
Dan Ghost महीने पहले
BJ2K wow
Chrome Assist
Chrome Assist महीने पहले
Can you all help me with my channel pls
Kaleb Johnson
Kaleb Johnson महीने पहले
I just dont get it when players like THIS exist, the hype is still over Zion smh I don't get it I have never seen one game where Zion displayed such skill. Now that's an NBA ready kid, I get you can't teach his size and athleticism, but c'mon real hoopers and basketball heads know Ja should be number 1 pick. Speed, pace control, facilitator, can shoot already, athleticism, ball handling, ability to get to the paint, that's a league ready player, not the one that just highlight dunks and plays defense. If Ja was at Duke we'd be gassing him, on my difference is he'd fully deserve it... Just my opinion
iamdaillest24 महीने पहले
I got Murray St in the sweet 16.
Mrbigweeknee महीने पहले
I am the only one who really enjoys the male-female commentary? Idk why but it's such a great contrast sonically.
Watch Now
Watch Now महीने पहले
nice video
BuffaloMafia716 महीने पहले
Lol Marquette way overrated smh
Lucas Wardly
Lucas Wardly महीने पहले
5:00 that's the definition of a deadly crossover
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