What's On My Phone: 2018!

Marques Brownlee
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My daily smartphone setup in 2018! 🐼
That wallpaper: i.imgur.com/jPvRQJh.jpg
The sub: reddit.com/r/MKBHD
Flamingo for Twitter: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samruston.twitter&hl=en
Video Gear I use: kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959
Tech I'm using right now: www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-0bfe542e
Intro Track by Jordyn Edmonds: soundcloud.com/jordynedmonds

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Sulaiman Khan
Sulaiman Khan 28 दिन पहले
What is your main browser
Asma h
Asma h महीने पहले
Take a look at Elon's Quest! it's a story inspired by Elon Musk and Tesla, kinda funny and weird, you can find it on pocketcast or any other podcasting app
Stanislav Hristov
Stanislav Hristov महीने पहले
Pocophone F1!!!!!!!!
Tristen Vukelich
Tristen Vukelich महीने पहले
How do you customize the calendar widget
BOOCE THE GREAT महीने पहले
um.. you forgot gallery.
Sisu Kattilakoski
Sisu Kattilakoski महीने पहले
best podcast=h3h3
Ahmed Amin
Ahmed Amin महीने पहले
You must start a phone renting business bro.
Ziggler Show
Ziggler Show महीने पहले
what's on my phone 2019 please !
Gabriel Giacomelli
Gabriel Giacomelli महीने पहले
You got 3 days to upload another one of these.
Brenden The Enthusiast
Brenden The Enthusiast महीने पहले
Hey guys KabibHD here
IZ महीने पहले
Name that intro song. Please
Zorisha Wong
Zorisha Wong महीने पहले
Need a 2019 update...
Rashad Scruggs
Rashad Scruggs महीने पहले
Song in the beginning ?
Lukas bonenti
Lukas bonenti महीने पहले
What launcher is it?
Nathan Morris
Nathan Morris महीने पहले
New one cooming soon ?
Spongebob oh yeah yeah Oink oink
Spongebob oh yeah yeah Oink oink महीने पहले
Oh yeah yeah
Oilemor महीने पहले
Are you using any cases? Or you using your phone naked?
Corvette Guy
Corvette Guy महीने पहले
Mark ass brownlee
Anshul Saraf
Anshul Saraf महीने पहले
How did you change the opacity of the calendar widget?
Suhel Brar
Suhel Brar 2 महीने पहले
The intro music though!!
Icky Cosovo
Icky Cosovo 2 महीने पहले
Where do you find these beutiful wallpapers?
Karthik S
Karthik S 2 महीने पहले
withings -> nokia
Jessica Stephanye
Jessica Stephanye 2 महीने पहले
2019 version?
Dento Sketo
Dento Sketo 2 महीने पहले
Just saw a Tesla app🤗
Budi Kusuma
Budi Kusuma 2 महीने पहले
Why do i cant find flamingo with the link you gave?
Carmen Cenalmor
Carmen Cenalmor 2 महीने पहले
widget on the second screen?
Nolan Ngim
Nolan Ngim 2 महीने पहले
How do you decrease the opacity for the Google calendar widget?
YoungTechReview 2 महीने पहले
Hay you left out the link to youtube. Plz add it
Rory Lawrenc3
Rory Lawrenc3 2 महीने पहले
1:25 the good ol days without that shitty snapchat update
Herzlich willkommen auf meinem Kanal
Herzlich willkommen auf meinem Kanal 2 महीने पहले
What is the name of the intro music?
burlwrld mobile
burlwrld mobile 2 महीने पहले
Red Rose
Red Rose 2 महीने पहले
When I see all the apps that you have, I wonder🤔 if your storage ain't full🙄
Rhiana Chatterjee
Rhiana Chatterjee 2 महीने पहले
I quite like the hello internet podcast
Luis R. Miranda
Luis R. Miranda 2 महीने पहले
It sounds like there are a lot of hassles, even with your most used apps. Why bother using android based phones?
nightcrawler •
nightcrawler • 2 महीने पहले
Where's the hentai?
Sahil Mambilly
Sahil Mambilly 2 महीने पहले
Who's here waiting for the 2019 version?
Supreme 2 महीने पहले
Jack Napoli
Jack Napoli 2 महीने पहले
Wait I don't see the link to youtube, can you drop me one? Wanna explore this foreign intelligence feature
DarkInterLife 2 महीने पहले
Next Video: What's on my history?
RightWingKing 2 महीने पहले
Notch much?
Incomplete. 2 महीने पहले
Intro music name?
Sourav Mk
Sourav Mk 2 महीने पहले
Please give me a phone for free 🙏🙏🙏
globalcookie 2 महीने पहले
LMAO you have a scratch card for your car wash 😂😂
Giovanni Akrawi
Giovanni Akrawi 2 महीने पहले
Through the wire best podcast
Mr NoMiles
Mr NoMiles 2 महीने पहले
Are you going to do what's on my phone for your iPhone? You do carry two phones.
Beniyum 2 महीने पहले
Wait did you film that intro in reverse? How did the phone just magically move towards your hand? Are you magic or something?
Rayan Bahmani
Rayan Bahmani 2 महीने पहले
Where's the link for IN-vid?? It seems like a cool site.
mlGbLAzEiT69 3 महीने पहले
He was like what is this while pointing at cavs vs rockets and then he says he has fantasy basketball
Splash 3 महीने पहले
Where is the link to this ... what was it? IN-vid?
Papageihund 3 महीने पहले
if you use your calendar intensively, check out Smooth Calendar. It's a REALLY simple and small widget that shows the next events of your Google calendar. You can highlight events that happen today or tomorrow in your favorite colours, everything can be customised. It's on my main window since 6 years ;)
Abdullah Emek
Abdullah Emek 3 महीने पहले
Markass Brownlee
Nico sanchez
Nico sanchez 3 महीने पहले
Where is the IN-vid link, it sounded like a really cool app
Connor Lim
Connor Lim 3 महीने पहले
google keep is useless u can uninstall it now with oreo,pie...?not sure..
michelle m.
michelle m. 3 महीने पहले
So Google Pixel has a notch-less and pretty much bezel-less display AND made a touch-screen home button to solve the home button problem??? PERHAPS they're ahead of the game!
Badal Upasni
Badal Upasni 3 महीने पहले
Sir.. Your Today Calendar Widget is not on Play store..!! What should i Do...?
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira 3 महीने पहले
You don't have WhatsApp? Wtf
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira 3 महीने पहले
+ADC Bot I've never met anyone who uses the built in message app here? I don't know if it's still payd per message send, but no one likes this, and I don't know why, because if it's really for free, it woul be very useful when the 4G package end
ADC Bot 3 महीने पहले
+Guilherme Oliveira I live in Canada, but even then MOST people just use the built in messaging app. Whether it's iMessage or just sms.
Guilherme Oliveira
Guilherme Oliveira 3 महीने पहले
+ADC Bot IS THAT SERIOUS? dude, N O B O D Y uses SMS (or iMessage) here on Brazil, like, absolutely nobody
ADC Bot 3 महीने पहले
Not many people use WhatsApp in America, they just end up using either iMessage (if they have an iPhone) or they just use SMS.
Jimmy Droid
Jimmy Droid 3 महीने पहले
The Google authenticator was a nightmare when I got a new phone. I don't use it anymore, great idea but no thanks, it locked me out of all of my accounts.
Maw 3 महीने पहले
**deletes pornhub**
LightFuse 3 महीने पहले
You didn't link that IN-vid app. Can't find it.
X NightDweller X
X NightDweller X 3 महीने पहले
You forgot the keyboard
Sankalp Bansal
Sankalp Bansal 3 महीने पहले
i hope you show your setup of 2 phones in 2019 - 1+6(not T) n pixel 3(not xl) as you said they r ur daily drivers
ī ROYSTARK 3 महीने पहले
What is the Calendar app?
Skateboard Fam
Skateboard Fam 3 महीने पहले
First of all i am a big fan but like you said “it is annoying changing smartphones” and kind off stupid because like i switch my phone every 2 years and for you it is hard to switch 100 phones in 2 months like you shold be happy that you can afford that I dont wanna be rude i am a big fan bu still
Isaac Bear
Isaac Bear 3 महीने पहले
podcasts...Coffee with Butterscotch
Gino Chavez
Gino Chavez 3 महीने पहले
Mind pump for podcasts
Exspyda 3 महीने पहले
"Use it to respond to comments"
Abhijith abhi
Abhijith abhi 3 महीने पहले
How many apps did you installed on your phone
William Hernandez
William Hernandez 3 महीने पहले
So weird he doesn’t have WhatsApp. Can’t imagine texting through SMS. Unbareable
Taha Hadi
Taha Hadi 3 महीने पहले
Nice potato
Juan 3 महीने पहले
I see that coinbase app 👀
Vicente Soldevila Gascó
Vicente Soldevila Gascó 3 महीने पहले
Wich is the calendar widget app?
Chirt 4 महीने पहले
The basement yard best podcast ever really fun
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar 4 महीने पहले
2xl vs 3xl please sir I'm from India
Claxiux 4 महीने पहले
you Like your OWN videos?
The Broken
The Broken 4 महीने पहले
H3 podcast
Garr Trigger
Garr Trigger 4 महीने पहले
Try using Swiftly Switch to easily jump between apps.
Caleb Vaughan
Caleb Vaughan 4 महीने पहले
Why don't you just use the actual reddit and twitter apps?
Muddasser Alam
Muddasser Alam 4 महीने पहले
Which launcher did you mean by Google Stock Launcher? Is it Google Now Launcher or any other launcher? Thanks in advance @marques
Cre8 4 महीने पहले
Google Pixel Launcher
ishi 4 महीने पहले
what's on my phone that use all of the space: PORNS.
CentralPuppets 4 महीने पहले
What's your iPhone X wallpaper?
Aaditya Desai
Aaditya Desai 4 महीने पहले
The developer restricted the app for new users so I can't do anything and instead of getting a login page he shows a fucking philosophical message!! WTH.
Ravi the RK
Ravi the RK 4 महीने पहले
Hi how are you marques Can you show me the your pixel 2 XL ram management
Yana Gaskell
Yana Gaskell 4 महीने पहले
Wait, why doesn't he just use the regular twitter app?
Carlos Miranda
Carlos Miranda 2 महीने पहले
Yana Gaskell I've read it gets crashy when you have a lot of followers
I'm the bauniy
I'm the bauniy 4 महीने पहले
Umar Razi
Umar Razi 4 महीने पहले
Which ph u using ryt now.???
jacob 4 महीने पहले
time has obviously flown by so fast. we are already doing another What's on my phone video... WHAT HAPPENED THIS YEAR!!!
MarlonOwnsYourCake 4 महीने पहले
where's the link to that you tube site
Victor Trice
Victor Trice 4 महीने पहले
Where is the aftership app
Trap Finland
Trap Finland 4 महीने पहले
H3h3 podcast
Mitchell Long
Mitchell Long 4 महीने पहले
Google definitely ruined the shopping list.
mestrysuhas 1
mestrysuhas 1 4 महीने पहले
Please link that calendar widget
Gerard Galofre
Gerard Galofre 4 महीने पहले
What is the name of the widget for the calendar?
Jake Washburn
Jake Washburn 4 महीने पहले
You going to do a versus video between the iPhone in the pixel three
angkur rongpi
angkur rongpi 4 महीने पहले
Pixel 2> iphone X
Iki’s Photography
Iki’s Photography 2 महीने पहले
Ducc 2 महीने पहले
+MrRealist why does preferring something instantly male you a fanboy lol
Matthew Davisson
Matthew Davisson 2 महीने पहले
+MrRealist Pixel 2 XL is EASILY better than any iPhone....ever!
MrRealist 2 महीने पहले
another google fanbOi...
U Jean
U Jean 3 महीने पहले
If we aren’t talking about price, no
oguguo lil
oguguo lil 4 महीने पहले
Fr John Sixtus Okonkwo 08060926702
A H 4 महीने पहले
Your Mom's House is a good podcast.
That Gum Is Climbing Out of Your Mouth
That Gum Is Climbing Out of Your Mouth 4 महीने पहले
The Joe Rogan Experience and the Church of What's Happening
chaitanya salve
chaitanya salve 4 महीने पहले
What's on my phone....spider screen..
dmf89 4 महीने पहले
What about the AOD lock screen configuration?🙂
Judah Mantell
Judah Mantell 4 महीने पहले
Specific VR games only for iPhone?? More details please! :P
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