What went wrong with Chandrayaan-2 and what next for ISRO?

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What really happened to Chandrayaan-2? Has the mission failed? We decoded this for you. To know more, watch the video.
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mukut mitra
mukut mitra 26 दिन पहले
just stop lying to the people.....you guys suck, and i m elon!
Premangshu Kumar Mondal
Premangshu Kumar Mondal 27 दिन पहले
We are proud of isro .
Nostalgia For Infinity
Nostalgia For Infinity 27 दिन पहले
So where the hell are the images of the moon, that the high resolution camera on board the orbiter is supposed to take? What good is the mission if only the government hoards all the information and findings?
Fuzail Shaikh
Fuzail Shaikh 27 दिन पहले
Keep it up ISRO ,you have support from our lovely INDIANS👍👍👍
Vikku Shukla
Vikku Shukla 28 दिन पहले
I really don't understand the objective of launching?. Waha pani khojega.. Yha log pyas se mar rahe.. Waha barf khojega.. Kyu yha lake usko piyenga?.. Waha ki topography study hogi.. Kyu ghar banana hai.. Wahan pe?.. Waha mineral milenge.. Kitta..?.. Jis desh me garibi.. Bhrashtaachaar.. Berojgari.. Bhukmari.. Jaisi prblm.. Ho.. Wo is cheez me paisa kyu barbaad kar raha.. Cmon friends.. I am not against research.. Par satellite launch krte hain.. Communication .. Defense.. Betterment ke liye.. It's nice.. Par ye chandrayan ke objectives se kon si mankind ki ASLI prblms door hogi???.. Desh ka paisa barbaad hai ye..
Navtej Mangat
Navtej Mangat 28 दिन पहले
Poor coordination as ever which typefies India
Sebastian Wangnick
Sebastian Wangnick 28 दिन पहले
Reminds one of Shrapnelly ... ah Schiaparelli. Hope ISRO will be as open as ESA about the cause of the incident (incredible laissez-faire in ESA and Subs software engineering) after studying descent telemetry ...
Sandeep Pathare
Sandeep Pathare 29 दिन पहले
why can't ISRO change orbit so as to align with lander's antenna & then lower the orbit to get better images in visul band .
Fyrah महीने पहले
I hate what you've done on your background music
M.S S महीने पहले
Mission objective: 1 hide 1 find. Mission accomplished.
Danial Khan
Danial Khan महीने पहले
I wish Pakistan could send Chandrayaan 2 lander a cup of tea to heal it. Even Abhinandhan swears by this tea.
oria महीने पहले
Whoissitting insidspace craft
Perfect Tentation
Perfect Tentation महीने पहले
Hi , I am a Hindu from Mauritius. I am proud of ISRO. The world scientist must remember the hard work of ISRO. The challenge was, in 1 mission x 3 tasks. Mean in 1000 crore 1 orbiter + 1 lander + 1 rover. LOVE YOU INDIA -
Priyanshu Keshri
Priyanshu Keshri महीने पहले
Rehne do isro wale laudo, tumhari ma chud jaegi chaand tk pahuchne mein🤣🤣 tumhari aukat k bahar hai ye sb😂 roau baith k madarchoodon😭😭😜
Shashank Iyer
Shashank Iyer महीने पहले
I have a doubt.. I got this information from media that it was officially said by Mr Sivan chairman of isro "only if the lander's antenna is pointed towards the ground station they would be able to get contact... My question.... is .....we are seeing the north side of the moon and the lander is in the south side of the moon ,,,how is it possible to get link when the lander with its antenna is there in the south side of the moon.?
Vice Principal Beed
Vice Principal Beed महीने पहले
jindabad chandrayaan for all planets
delna pinto
delna pinto महीने पहले
Why is India doing this chadrayaan 3? On Venus seriously? They wasted 400,000000 only on chadrayaan 2 it can feed up all the beggers in Mumbai probably! And now they are sending humans to Venus I live in India but still I am telling ISRO is gone mad If you agree like
ISRO 💪🇮🇳
TAUSIF IQBAL महीने पहले
Isro 3 ab modi g ke gand mai land karega
kiran kumar
kiran kumar महीने पहले
stop all your useless missions and dotn waste our people money..no use of it.should condemn it pathetic.
kiran kumar
kiran kumar महीने पहले
it means mechanical team is useless completey dumb if taking on quota this all happens by their admissions...shame.whole world is laughing..you should be professional.its about money. in crr...people are poor and sending all useless rocket.if chief is not right then replace..simple.isro themself put pressure on him to do.keeping dream big and not working on it useles
kiran kumar
kiran kumar महीने पहले
whats this..they saying might have suffer control contact.they not sure.what study done what scientist are capable of.should have exact ans for everything.if works like this this is what you get ther esult.heavy loss of rupees people money and useless ....9000 cr in dumb way.....i say foolishness. irresponsible.should hae check properly before taking also some technical issue.
FogBank Urdu
FogBank Urdu महीने पहले
I think isi hacked chandryaan2 hhhhhhhh😂😂😂😂
Gachinti Anjaneyulu
Gachinti Anjaneyulu महीने पहले
I am anjaneyulu Not failed our suscsec
Make Mobile App in a Day
Make Mobile App in a Day महीने पहले
Don't throw away costly garbage on Moon. Orbiting is good but Salvation more important. Stick to the mission. ISRO will succeed and create paradigm change in History of Space Science Maintenance work. SSS
terrorizer NELA
terrorizer NELA महीने पहले
Maybe the chandrayaan 2 was destroyed by aliens
TheExpert महीने पहले
Can you guys bring the orbiter close to the lander. Like to a lower orbit
Harjinder Sidhu
Harjinder Sidhu महीने पहले
Space is hard ,no question. Clearly the lander is crashed, thats why there is no communication because it didn't slow down before touch down. Then what data can be analyzed if its not sending any data? There is no possible way to revive it because either it broke down or malfunctioned. Someone needs to be there on moon to fix not on earth. Another thing there shouldn't be any communication issue its not that far way from earth. With today's technology we can communicate beyond Mars, so for Moon there shouldn't be any issue. ISRO did a great job! But i should deny the real facts of failure. No disrespect. Thanks!
5 SPOTS CHANNEL महीने पहले
Why India is wasting so millions of dollars in space which is of no use for India. They have to better spend on building India for better cities and infrastructure and education. Other Asian countries are 10-15 years ahead of India in development and India is still sleeping and showing off
Vinay verma
Vinay verma 29 दिन पहले
@5 SPOTS CHANNEL oooh man are u seriois check the budget man . You are wrong you have no knowledge. So i think their is no benefit for arguing with ypu . Shitty project ypu know nothing .. aaah man god bless with some knowledge
5 SPOTS CHANNEL महीने पहले
@Vinay verma I am not against India Mate. But I wan t the government space-wasting money on shitty things like space programs ISRO just wasted 9000Crores on Chandrayaan 2 I would appreciate the scientists but in my point of view India should stop investing in big money in space and focus of the people and the country.
Vinay verma
Vinay verma महीने पहले
@5 SPOTS CHANNEL man what are you saying India is same as 1947 ha! Man you are high on weed or you are not living in India . India is developing but mentallity of people is not developing it need to be change and it will be change . Development is not a quick process its slow every developed country sacrifice and take time . It will change but slowly. Plzz clear your concept . India is developing in space research and ypu pull him back and mocking .
5 SPOTS CHANNEL महीने पहले
@Vinay verma Thats what I am asking it's been 70+ years of independence at till now india is same as in 1947
Vinay verma
Vinay verma महीने पहले
@5 SPOTS CHANNEL man search top 10 developing country you will get your answer . India is develping country nor developed . Clear your fact first
Prasanna Mahesh Gunawardana
Prasanna Mahesh Gunawardana महीने पहले
I am a Sri Lankan. Happy to see our neighbours landing on moon. keep it up. you have not failed. Good luck.
Rambeer Chauhan
Rambeer Chauhan महीने पहले
Thank you so much for Best wishes 🤗
Italian Fascist
Italian Fascist महीने पहले
It did fail though. They have no contact and the lander is not intact.
engadge महीने पहले
thankyou brother
babar khan
babar khan महीने पहले
Chandrayan 2 ne abhinandan ka nakal kya Q k abhinandan KO fail hone par hero banaya ta
jai jai jai jd
jai jai jai jd महीने पहले
Jai kai jai kd
jai jai jai jd
jai jai jai jd महीने पहले
jai jai jai jd
jai jai jai jd महीने पहले
Jai daral
Ameen Shindoli
Ameen Shindoli महीने पहले
Kuch log moon aur flag ki baat kar rahe the, ab kya hua??
engadge महीने पहले
achi baat hai... pata chala vikram lander ki failure se koi to kush hai... koi baat nahi... agli baar kush hone ki hamari bari hogi
MUSIC TEACH CREATER nature महीने पहले
India build deep space technology network dish
Muatter Saeed
Muatter Saeed महीने पहले
What went wrong? Chanderyan was built by abhinandans.ha ha ha
urmila achrekar
urmila achrekar महीने पहले
Better send new mission with gud motors plus backup comm devices within one year
urmila achrekar
urmila achrekar महीने पहले
@Super Putin Pakistan will not learn anything Imran loota lekar bhik mange tamatar lekar tere jaise bhikari ko deta hay do takke ke aukat nahi waise bhi abhinanfan ko do din may riha kiya warna missile karachi na khandar bana dete indian army waise bhi pak may kitne logo ko English atti hay tere ko rocket aur lander may farak pata nahi jahil gawar anpad bhikmango Ki aulad
Super Putin
Super Putin महीने पहले
urmila You Indiots failed again and again..,waise ye rocket kaya abhinandan control kar raha tha...tea is fantastic 😂
Joey George
Joey George महीने पहले
Wisdom says it's an inside job 🌜
engadge महीने पहले
How? Didn't really get you
Ameen Shindoli
Ameen Shindoli महीने पहले
I think the same 😎
Mandelbrot Set
Mandelbrot Set महीने पहले
There was nothing that I didn't already know in your video. Thanks for wasting my time.
Space For Everyone
Space For Everyone 29 दिन पहले
oof buddy! Chill bruh...
Memify महीने पहले
They never made the video specifically for you.
Magic Dragon
Magic Dragon महीने पहले
Forget moon go for bigger target. Put man on mars india has the will power and resources to do it. Get there before nasa and the chinese show them its possible
Ameen Shindoli
Ameen Shindoli महीने पहले
Yes, one day India will succeed
R v
R v महीने पहले
Space is not competition. It's a collaborative endeavor. Like Star Trek. Earth Final Conflict Taelons are to appear in the drama as well. That is some theme music!
Ghost Rider D1
Ghost Rider D1 महीने पहले
2nd Epic FAILURE. Still not getting off their high horse. This nation was beginning to have a superiority complex. It's sad to fail, but fact is if you were successful unlike other nations you use it to humiliate your neighbours and act like you are God's. Going to space these days is no big feat as technology is far superior now than when USA did it in 1950 yet you fail big time with better advancements in technology of 2019. It was a colossal waste of time and money being spent to become show offs desperate to show the world you are more than just Bollywood movies and war Hungry nationalist, supremacist, 3rd world, human violations nation.
Vinay verma
Vinay verma महीने पहले
@Ghost Rider D1 Ghost Rider D1 haha it will soon happen in the name of jihad you will kill people i know everyone know thats why everyone affraid . That what ypu are doing osama , genghis khan , al qaeda group , antefa etc etc ... I am not against religion i am against you people like you who is one of the key part of terrorism , spread hate toward a community , killing people in the name of ypur god etc etc , everyone know history . Have ypu not ashame yourself by telling lie ... Aah i forget that's what you live . Go and spread hate and kill people what you do . Hail Islam !
Ghost Rider D1
Ghost Rider D1 महीने पहले
@Vinay verma is that all anyone can do to lie about Muslims. Nationalist supremacist Islamophobia. Lets all say repeatedly Jehadi terrorist cos we don't have anything else to say and maybe if we say it soo many times people will start believing it. Islam is nearly 2 billion strong if we were really what your racist mind thinks we would have you on your knees right now. But guess what that's not our way that's the Hitler Modi way...Hail Hindu.
Make Mobile App in a Day
Make Mobile App in a Day महीने पहले
@Ghost Rider D1 Haanth Kangan ko arsi kya Padhe Likhe ko PHARISEE Kya. John Wicca Ejekiel
Ghost Rider D1
Ghost Rider D1 महीने पहले
@Vinay verma not every nation wants to go to space or claim they are the best. Hindustan has a superiority complex and so did Hitler. You are targeting your neighbours just cos you are under the false impression that you are Gods, Hindutva ideology and Nazi Hitler same thing please do disagree with me on that point. I am waiting g for your answer.
Vinay verma
Vinay verma महीने पहले
That's why pakistan not send any space mission . Good good 😂😂 . Tumhe sahi hai na kuch karna bus judge karna baaki nation ko Yeh kaam bda easy hai aur yeahi kar sakte ho tum .
Ming Q
Ming Q महीने पहले
This is, by far, the clearest explain on C2 lander situation. To me, it's failed, and all over, just need to move on and launch the next one.
Desi Kartoos
Desi Kartoos महीने पहले
I believe if Modi was not present in control room, Chandrayaan would have landed on the Moon. As I stated before, because Modi G. Gand's has stronger GRAVITY/Magnetic power compared to Moon GRAVITY. So Chandrayaan2 instead of landing on the Moon landed inside of Modi G. sari hoiey GAND /A$$. Scientist doesn't need to analysis DATA, next time do no not allow Modi G. in command center during landing. Please do not waste your time, open Modi G. gand to retrieve Chanryaan2, clean it good, sanitize and re-launched it. GOOD LUCK NEXT TIME
Nabanita Kundu
Nabanita Kundu महीने पहले
Plz read it out next time and without that stupidass background score
Super Putin
Super Putin महीने पहले
Nabanita Waise ye rocket kaya abhinandan control kar raha tha ? Tea is fantastic 😂
Super Putin
Super Putin महीने पहले
Nabanita Indiots failed again and again.. Tum Indiots kabhi success nahin ho sakte...mig 21 ki tarah ise bhi crashed karke 950k cr rupay ka barbad karke economi ka 12 baja diya..agar next mission hua toh bhukmari toiletless aur bad jayega
Galaxy Chand
Galaxy Chand महीने पहले
I'm not an indian but always proud of india ...better luck next time. It's not an easy task for scientists so let's 👏👍
Galaxy Chand
Galaxy Chand महीने पहले
@Super Putin as I said in my comment I'm not Indian. So English please if you are to reply to my comment.
Super Putin
Super Putin महीने पहले
Indiots failed again and again..waise ye rocket kaya abhinandan control kar raha tujhe..tea is fantastic 😂
Super Putin
Super Putin महीने पहले
Indiots kabhi success nahin ho sakte...mig 21 ki tarah ise bhi crashed karke 950k cr rupay ka barbad karke economi ka 12 baja diya..agar next mission hua toh bhukmari toiletless aur bad jayega
Eashanth shanth
Eashanth shanth महीने पहले
Thx ...from Malaysia..still support India's effort... Not a easy task
Ishan Khare
Ishan Khare महीने पहले
Who all cried after listening to the news
Ishan Khare
Ishan Khare महीने पहले
Just like
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt महीने पहले
You're a nation of scammers haha this whole comment section are people involved with the project and the creators of the video.
Doge महीने पहले
Do some research before you talk shit, I can be a tough guy behind a screen as well, better luck next time ;)
R v
R v महीने पहले
What utter nonsense. I'm commenting and I'm not associated with either.
BGM Only
BGM Only महीने पहले
मैं चंद्रयान पर song 🎵निकलना चाहता हूँ मुझे suppprt 🙌करे भाई please 1k sub_scribe🙏 कर दो. . .
Naveed Ali
Naveed Ali महीने पहले
Indian Chand Py charta Charta Lun py char gya....Modi🙂
Praneeth Nallareddy
Praneeth Nallareddy महीने पहले
proud to be an INDIAN
Praneeth Nallareddy
Praneeth Nallareddy महीने पहले
proud of ISRO
deepak bisht
deepak bisht महीने पहले
Mission is failed...best of luck for next mission...please increase budget of isro to 5000 crore... Jugaad technology use karoge toh uski guarantee decrease hoti hai...
Simple Diagnostics
Simple Diagnostics महीने पहले
What really happened is, ISI agents based on that part of the moon shot it down , you dummies.
Surekha Chakravarthy
Surekha Chakravarthy महीने पहले
proud of ISRO
Praneeth Nallareddy
Praneeth Nallareddy महीने पहले
YouMustBeFibbing महीने पहले
Why don't ISRO release the thermal image or any photos/footage the lander took before impact? The Israelis showed a lander selfie straight after their mission failed.
Rom eo
Rom eo महीने पहले
Moon also hates kalai hendus . Just like kashmiris.
Make Mobile App in a Day
Make Mobile App in a Day महीने पहले
@Rom eo Do you want to meddle with Black Pandas
Make Mobile App in a Day
Make Mobile App in a Day महीने पहले
@Sparsh Raikar Call them Snowflakes instead of going so far. Control your emotions Sparsh.
Eashanth shanth
Eashanth shanth महीने पहले
@Nilesh Newah Ic...the world is peace ..
Nilesh Newah
Nilesh Newah महीने पहले
@Eashanth shanth yes But the people above ain't indians bro...they belong to a very *peaceful* country.
Eashanth shanth
Eashanth shanth महीने पहले
@Nilesh Newah yeap..no worry the world recognize....a mission by a nation which involved all.. Abdul Kalam will be sad to see Indian's like this...
Pooja Sharma
Pooja Sharma महीने पहले
Hoga ki nahi connect
Santosh meena S.k meena
Santosh meena S.k meena महीने पहले
ab kuch bhi nhi hona darling
ATEEQ ASHRAF महीने पहले
If you want to start chandrayan 2 then plz call Ateeq baba..
Karnati Narayana
Karnati Narayana महीने पहले
12/09/2019 14:39 How to get in touch with vikram chandrayan 2 lander with opaque frequency. Today I wish to disclose reason for failure of chandrayan 2. The opaque frequency tonight is going to bring back the interaction. Let me discuss first the reason for failure. Next I will discuss how to enumerate success within 20hrs. 1. Lack of grace from Narayana is reason for its failure. How it failed I will explain. The thermo radiation in sectors leads to various indigenous substantial detriments. The category falling under opaque nature is substituted with weak thermal and vapour related to encompassed ceiling. The variety of gasses that are indigenous leads to compact and reduction in pressure thermo points. Hence failure happened due to irrevogative prestine and further failure due to crisis in judgemental procedure. 2. How to bring back contact. The hydro separated encompass is structurally in distant procedure. That means the variance adjusted to teta value through diferential support will bring adjusted category to ventilation. The pre ordained infinite judgement will lead to supposedly inverted category of pre located judgement. In the process of sequential and ordained substance the various precautionary values will sub clause the territorial area through implied and veak dilute disturbance. So I can say in three laboratory deployments can bring back connection. A. Secure the substantial wearing through upper testing criteria. B. Pre detrimental value should be added to sequential or distributed implied frequency. C. Hydrated temperature should not be increased below 30 degree Celsius. Because it will go burst if increased beyond 30 degrees. It can be 25 degrees cut off. In the super sonic radiation the 30 degree tilta should be converted to 5 degree tilta. Then in the super dilute precautions the support is diluted with energized category through overly hydrated sub clause. Hence reducing the beam radiation onto the calcius pre venture through keen procedure will give result in 20 hrs 36 minutes. Thank you.
Reuben Sher
Reuben Sher महीने पहले
is this a technical way of saying it drowned or crashed like a missile..
Jonathan Lucifer
Jonathan Lucifer महीने पहले
Pods myre
Micheal Wolfe
Micheal Wolfe महीने पहले
Karnati Narayana from the beta molecules range it is 30 degrees to the south but must be kept in between 90 degrees in order to gain maximum hydroelectric capacity, point of compulsive interoperability should not be considered in the least fraction of thought , and within a few hours the on board computer should turn on if it is in good working order or otherwise flabbergasted radiation will damage it . Good luck 😉
R v
R v महीने पहले
Amazing. I hope someone at ISRO is reading your analysis. On the 17th NASA will provide optical photos. It crashed. Said to be intact. Jyotish man said that it's leg is injured and that there is a fan (ventilation?) issue.
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh महीने पहले
I cannot understand 😢😢 so many scientific terms.
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