Why the US and Iran are fighting over this tiny waterway

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The Strait of Hormuz, “the jugular of the global economy," has become a useful bargaining chip for Iran.
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The Strait of Hormuz is a narrow waterway that lies between Iran and Oman. This 21 mile-wide passage supports 20% of the world’s oil supply. A closure of this waterway could send the global economy into a tailspin.
In recent months, several oil tankers have been seized, attacked and harassed. These oil tankers - and this narrow water passage - are at the center of the conflict between the US and Iran. It's a conflict that spans decades and has the potential to escalate in one of the world’s most important oil chokepoints.
Read more about the recent escalation between the US and Iran:
Strait of Hormuz stats and details from the US Energy Information Administration:
More on the history of conflict between the US and Iran in the Strait of Hormuz in David Crist's novel, The Twilight War:
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Martin Ahmad
Martin Ahmad दिन पहले
9/11 scenario for all oil Middle East
Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler 3 दिन पहले
The U.S: the Iranians and their terrorist groups are pure evil. Also U.S: lets send weapons and economic aid to terrorist groups in the Middle East.
Stockton 711
Stockton 711 दिन पहले
Israel mossad =911 =3000 dead Americans , Also took all the money and gold out of those towers and Pentagons.,, HOW SILLY YOU PEOPLE ARE A JUMBO AMERICAN AIRLINE PUT A HOLE IN THE PENTAGONE .
I Stole your Car While your read my Username
Why is everyone blaming the USA, aren't every country greedy? you guys are the same as Balkan citizen who is talking about Kosovo Conflict.
I Stole your Car While your read my Username
That explains why gasoline is about to get expensive here...
pp 6 दिन पहले
Us bombs Iran passenger jet....2020..Iran: hold these missiles Ukraine
Anti War
Anti War 11 दिन पहले
February 2020 & Netanyahu faces imprisonment. He will force ww3 before he is trailed. Israel has bombed Lebanon, Syria & Iraq in a matter of days. Netanyahu needs a war.
Le K
Le K 12 दिन पहले
The USA (not the people) is the worst country in the world. Killed (hundreds) thousands of people for money without never being judged for it !
Al3almi Q8
Al3almi Q8 15 दिन पहले
You never mentioned that sadam invaded Kuwait after Iran war for oil
Sunny Times
Sunny Times 16 दिन पहले
Mohammad Jafar Farahani
Mohammad Jafar Farahani 17 दिन पहले
Western countries build a forest in the name of the United Nations. When they seized the Iranian oil tanker, we did so by citing the same rules. Iran is not a country to stand up to bullying, like Libya, first with its nuclear negotiations and then going for its ballistic missiles; and then attacking it with nothing to defend. And now that the Western media is coming and rejecting the whole story of the Iranian tanker being banned by the British.
A-Diddy 77
A-Diddy 77 18 दिन पहले
*Laughs in Oman*
ryan Rico
ryan Rico 19 दिन पहले
Who r they to be saying we can and can’t develop our nuclear fields
ryan Rico
ryan Rico 19 दिन पहले
Trump doesn’t care about anything not iran nor the American troops
iftikhar hassan
iftikhar hassan 21 दिन पहले
My Friend
My Friend 23 दिन पहले
Us is a terrrrrrroooorest
Xavier 25 दिन पहले
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh war ⚔️ 😎
Ewa Feen
Ewa Feen 25 दिन पहले
Shooting down a passenger aircraft is NEVER a 'misstake'
Rodney Herbert
Rodney Herbert 26 दिन पहले
We all need to leave God oil in the earth and stop causing earthquakes
Amro Kishk
Amro Kishk 26 दिन पहले
I live in Qatar oh shout
A Padgett
A Padgett 27 दिन पहले
These are not the only countries with oil and I dont understand why anyone buys their oil anyway and obama made a huge mistake
Natalia Chigne Saud
Natalia Chigne Saud 28 दिन पहले
Peace with the Middle East: *exists* Trump: “ this deal is horrendous and should have never been made.”
name Sung
name Sung 26 दिन पहले
I really like trump and totally respect him
Lev Castle
Lev Castle 29 दिन पहले
if i meet trump ill ask him to give me a ride to iran with tsar bomba so they will not only lose their country but also their sanity oh wair i forgot he got impeached ill just ask the next press
Dave Kellar
Dave Kellar महीने पहले
If anything ever happened to stop getting oil--- canada and United States have just a sense much if need be--- that’s a fact-- although harder to extract Canada is huge for oil and actually so is the states and natural gas too
Justin Tyme
Justin Tyme महीने पहले
fantastic video , i learned alot
Elross Pangue
Elross Pangue महीने पहले
Hi Vox, hopefully you can create a video like this or documentary about the financial crises that happened in the past
Elboke12 महीने पहले
Trump You should change The ways pal...
Asia yousfi
Asia yousfi महीने पहले
What’s the U.S. doing in the Middle East 🙄
Mystery Guest
Mystery Guest महीने पहले
Ram Eshwar
Ram Eshwar महीने पहले
Saudi should make a channel to by pass the straits..All tanker ships will be easily moved thru it with US security.
Sebastián Boló
Sebastián Boló महीने पहले
I need subtitles for this
habeeb abidemi
habeeb abidemi महीने पहले
Trump never know how it is with international affairs
ilove2929 महीने पहले
Oil of course. The age of black gold will end sooner or later
Joe Mama
Joe Mama महीने पहले
I bet the American's bombed that tanker just my opinion
Emilios Powerballer
Emilios Powerballer महीने पहले
Meanwhile im thinking, what business does the UK have near Iran?
CitizenAA289 28 दिन पहले
just a someone
just a someone महीने पहले
Saxon Vincent
Saxon Vincent महीने पहले
we need to arm cargo with rocket launchers so if a little Iranian comes by, we can say good by
crwn महीने पहले
Even if you read history, And go back in time. United States of America is the real Terrorist of the world.
KING V महीने पहले
Who is here after Iran shot down the Ukrainian passenger plane??
Alireza Keshavarzian
Alireza Keshavarzian महीने पहले
KING V Iran was being set up they hacked the airplane and made it appears as a fighter get on radars.
Vyhart The Gamer
Vyhart The Gamer महीने पहले
Iran was the China in the Middle East
M.n N.m
M.n N.m महीने पहले
Usa lose iraq And they will lose more
M.n N.m
M.n N.m महीने पहले
@HellLeveLLed well. it still puse but its hard to believe to usa is helping with this
HellLeveLLed महीने पहले
M.n N.m. who said Iraq doesn’t want USA? Iraq and USA few days ago had started anti-isis missions again.
M.n N.m
M.n N.m महीने पहले
@HellLeveLLed you can stay But Iraq dont want usa
HellLeveLLed महीने पहले
M.n N.m USA stay in Iraq
Shira Mack
Shira Mack महीने पहले
Palestine’s territories is Israel now... thx vox I don’t live in Palestine
Magnisky B
Magnisky B महीने पहले
everyone, let's get electric cars!!! i don't want to fight in a narrow body of water surrounded by deserts for WWIII
Yi Lu
Yi Lu महीने पहले
ok ic usa supported sadam invading iran then killed him calling him a terrorist. totally a gangster movie plot
Worst Username
Worst Username महीने पहले
Who's here after Iranian admit accidentally shot Passenger airplane?
nmyyy महीने पहले
5:14 Bushy's poor attempt to gain the moral high ground
Bilal Ul haq
Bilal Ul haq महीने पहले
The moral! Don't make an orange head person your President Americans!!!!
Lucas Massoni
Lucas Massoni महीने पहले
At least I think I know why the Iranian care, it's more their sea than the one of the American no?
Normal Dragon759
Normal Dragon759 महीने पहले
If you are reading this it means i got drafted for WW3 and now I am behind enemy lines
The Whisperer
The Whisperer महीने पहले
So basically, if US does something, it's to protect democracy and world interest. If anyone else does the same thing, they become terrorists, human-rights violators and what not. To be honest, no country's a saint. Everyone shows the face of being a savior but no one really cares about the world as a whole. Just self interest.
Michael Bertinotti
Michael Bertinotti महीने पहले
You seem to know a lot but why you not mentioning the reason why Iran nuclear deal was shot down because of trump was because they were still making nukes. While we were paying him under Obama not to make them. And you forgot a big part where Obama gave them uranium. And said hey don't use this to make nukes lol stay woke everyone
Suzy Qualcast
Suzy Qualcast महीने पहले
It may sound simplistic but why don't they ship through other portage facilities, abandon Hormuz completely ?
Diganta Das
Diganta Das महीने पहले
4:25 wait, what?
Wizzle महीने पहले
w8 the media didnt cover that int in 1980s. 🤔Wonder why
Zarif Ul Alam
Zarif Ul Alam महीने पहले
Now Iran has shot down passenger plane , only innocent people suffer
VectoR dw
VectoR dw महीने पहले
WW3 teaser trailer 2020
BriNJoe LStyle
BriNJoe LStyle महीने पहले
This is why I love @Vox ... they’ve got their finger on the pulse at all times!
Young Arry
Young Arry महीने पहले
We shot down a passenger plane. They shoot down a passenger plane last week. Ironic
Leonardo Rodrigues
Leonardo Rodrigues महीने पहले
Suddenly, this video became even more important than it already was
I don’t want to Know what my fate is
I don’t want to Know what my fate is महीने पहले
I dont think theyre taking the sanctions of any time soon
Muhammad Rizwan
Muhammad Rizwan महीने पहले
good source of knowledge
Kicung Hartono
Kicung Hartono महीने पहले
iranian dan american can live in peace, but the US government will not. US need oilm and need war. A Megapoject of oil and weapon / ammunition selling
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