Will It Valentine's Day Chocolate? Taste Test

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Lots of things pair well with chocolate, but what about when Mythical Chef Josh gets involved? Today we’re answering the age-old question… Will it Valentine’s Day Chocolate? GMM #1480
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lizzys world
lizzys world 3 दिन पहले
Will Chase Chocolate? Yes!
tyreke kassim
tyreke kassim 4 दिन पहले
You are the best good mythical morning I like you
tyreke kassim
tyreke kassim 4 दिन पहले
And my name is Audrey
Nuggets cat Playlist Produchons
Nuggets cat Playlist Produchons 5 दिन पहले
Safiya Nygarrd and Tyler Willams put lip stick in cake and loved it a lot but it was all edible lip stick
Gab F.
Gab F. 7 दिन पहले
You need to creat a recipe book ! For real will Buy it
Robert Michaels
Robert Michaels 7 दिन पहले
You’re a cook and not a philosopher is lowkey a great roast
Melissa Butcher
Melissa Butcher 9 दिन पहले
It's a candy pit 🙎‍♀️ahhhhhhh 👚 👢 🍭🍧🍬🍫🍩🍬🍩🍫🍩🎂 🍬🍨🍧🍫🍰🍪🍰🍬🍫🍩
Ronin Gmail
Ronin Gmail 12 दिन पहले
they are masters of passive agressive
Joe Cambo
Joe Cambo 16 दिन पहले
Can I have a 10 hour loop of Chase dancing
ZOD4 18 दिन पहले
Whoa, the chocolate sauce squirted across Link's face at the beginning just like Abraham's blood splattered across Rick Grimes's face.
suzanna andrews
suzanna andrews 18 दिन पहले
Ester Esty K
Ester Esty K 20 दिन पहले
Link looks like he's been bitten by a vampire and his blood is all chocolate.
ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴏɴᴇ ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇ
ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴏɴᴇ ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇ 21 दिन पहले
They missed the chance to call number 1 “Kinder egg”
Kaylin Vitela
Kaylin Vitela 22 दिन पहले
Are Rhett and Link brothers?
James Wampler
James Wampler 22 दिन पहले
Where can I get those?
The Dark Dweller
The Dark Dweller 23 दिन पहले
Spraying chocolate at someone is the equivalent of almost impaling someone with a dart... ok Link.
medic main
medic main 23 दिन पहले
Why not sell this at gmm store
Nebula Waters
Nebula Waters 28 दिन पहले
Loved the chase-o-chocolate.
Thomas the Travelling Stargazer
Thomas the Travelling Stargazer 28 दिन पहले
The fact that the intro to this game uses the theme from Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia made my day.
Gaming University Conference
Gaming University Conference 29 दिन पहले
Remember swoops? Those were beast chocolate covered chips.
Tiffany GamerYT
Tiffany GamerYT महीने पहले
The lipstick is not that bad so make the lipstick less and thinner than the chocolate
ThePerilousPeach महीने पहले
Link’s chocolate cheek looked awesome at the beginning tbh
CreativeCandy महीने पहले
Real commitment is not washing your face and changing your shirt when you’re sprayed with chocolate syrup.
Deadpool X 98
Deadpool X 98 महीने पहले
Noob or Not 1011
Noob or Not 1011 महीने पहले
It should have been "Mary lost her little lamb and this is where it ended up"
Enrique Cuellar
Enrique Cuellar महीने पहले
0:41 I wasn't ready for this
Joelina B. Ramirez
Joelina B. Ramirez महीने पहले
Craving for chocolates while watching this
Kelly Amato
Kelly Amato महीने पहले
Good mythical morning, good mythical afternoon and good mythical night!!
Meliodas Sama
Meliodas Sama महीने पहले
*gotta boil it for safety*
MUDSWAT महीने पहले
Lets not talk about that...
Mincrafter Pictures
Mincrafter Pictures महीने पहले
I have 2 ideas for 20 Million subscribers (just in case): Reveal some of the rejected episodes of GMM or remake the very 1st GMM episode (Season 1, Episode 1)
Kamal Dasila
Kamal Dasila महीने पहले
Does boiled for safety makes everything ok to eat
I am bored
I am bored महीने पहले
Link is a demon confirmed
Kilava1231 महीने पहले
That opening though
Ellie & Daisy’s Slime & Cosmetics!
Ellie & Daisy’s Slime & Cosmetics! महीने पहले
I wanna buy this for my sisters husband!
Ben Miller
Ben Miller महीने पहले
Lamb eye tastes horrible but the meat around it is soooo good
Chris Sleepsick
Chris Sleepsick महीने पहले
If Chase was my boyfriend things would change around here.
Christopher Mauk
Christopher Mauk महीने पहले
Rhett said this is excellent I said it is eggcelent
Ella Warfield
Ella Warfield महीने पहले
Rhett says that Valentine's Day is the best holiday ever and I'm just over here like"Valentine's Day I despise u"
JP Labs
JP Labs महीने पहले
Oh, Chase...... The things they make you do.
Alyssa Mendoza
Alyssa Mendoza महीने पहले
Will it Corndog?
FrazBeatz Prod.
FrazBeatz Prod. महीने पहले
Can you guys do a will it chili and do some od the weirdest meats and beans you can find?
Jeanne-Danielle Barnett
Jeanne-Danielle Barnett महीने पहले
11:40 My goat escaped 🐐 🐐
Zigzagoon Catharsis
Zigzagoon Catharsis महीने पहले
rhett trying to be impressive with the synergy stuff like his boss walked in
Ned महीने पहले
Godzillawarrior2 Hellkiller
Godzillawarrior2 Hellkiller महीने पहले
Will it omelets
Malchior Folf
Malchior Folf महीने पहले
what did chase do to deserve to wear that costume XD
WaK महीने पहले
Flare - TheBlazingChristianGamer
Flare - TheBlazingChristianGamer महीने पहले
Do will it Kimchi next
What am i Doing
What am i Doing महीने पहले
Chase the chocolate is the most gorgeous thing iv ever seen!!
Slices of Life None
Slices of Life None महीने पहले
Will it slow cook/Will it crock pot?
Still Haz3
Still Haz3 महीने पहले
You guys need to do a will it Skittle 😏👍🏻
Taryn Renee
Taryn Renee महीने पहले
Will it pierogie??????????
AGuyNamedSmith महीने पहले
He made me experience high tide! *11:36*
Mark Taglieber
Mark Taglieber महीने पहले
Matthew Taglieber will it 🚗
YOLO7FISH महीने पहले
Anyone notice they used the always sunny intro music for the intro to their game
Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas महीने पहले
Hey guys long time fan! Love all of the Mythical Crew!! Just noticed you haven't tried Will it Casserole? You'd think anything would right? Lets talk about that :p
Vikramaditya Singh
Vikramaditya Singh महीने पहले
When u realise the first will it was a no
Ryuzakai Hirokai
Ryuzakai Hirokai महीने पहले
Chase needs a raise.
Rameen Waseem
Rameen Waseem महीने पहले
12:22 made my day
Luxie Daemon
Luxie Daemon महीने पहले
I just hope Chase Is getting paid enough
Jasmine Wills
Jasmine Wills महीने पहले
Luxie Daemon of course he is it he would be doing what he’s doing.
Jennifer Hyland
Jennifer Hyland महीने पहले
it sounded like "its always sunny in Philadelphia" in your "will it chocolate" title sequence song
Hi SSO game play
Hi SSO game play महीने पहले
Daniel Enriquez-Colotta
Daniel Enriquez-Colotta महीने पहले
Please please please do a Will It Girl Scout Cookie!!!!!!!
Brandy Herrera
Brandy Herrera महीने पहले
I think y’all should’ve chosen each other’s chocolate insides and eat them without knowledge of what it was!
Ultimate Outcast
Ultimate Outcast महीने पहले
They could have died eating the egg raw
Games and Nonsense
Games and Nonsense महीने पहले
Be so much better if Rhett and Link didn't know what was in the chocolates ...
Mrs. Jack Avery
Mrs. Jack Avery महीने पहले
Link: maybe I won’t need the glasses anymore. *link turns into a superhuman who can stretch his eyeballs all the way to Croatia.* The world: A NEW SUPERHERO! DC GET ON THIS DUDE!!
Mrs. Jack Avery
Mrs. Jack Avery महीने पहले
9:49 link being a model #linkxbetseyjohnson
Mrs. Jack Avery
Mrs. Jack Avery महीने पहले
Mrs. Jack Avery
Mrs. Jack Avery महीने पहले
Link: it’s kinda like chewy gravel. Also link: if that exists
Mrs. Jack Avery
Mrs. Jack Avery महीने पहले
6:28 me thinking only about Panda Express and nothing else
Mrs. Jack Avery
Mrs. Jack Avery महीने पहले
Me:*says no to raw egg and yes to chip dip* Rhett&Link:*says yes to raw egg and no to chip dip* Me:WHAT IS THIS MADNESS SCJSXFJXFJZU
Pl Pl
Pl Pl महीने पहले
- My mom put a lot of lipstick and then she'd... - Make out with you? :O
antidosed महीने पहले
*violently baaaas*
Darya Chhuon
Darya Chhuon महीने पहले
“You’re a cook not a philosopher.” - Link
Matt Tavenner
Matt Tavenner महीने पहले
the fact that link didnt wipe it off makes me uncomfortable
Matt Tavenner
Matt Tavenner महीने पहले
update, yes it distracting to me.
burthdaycake महीने पहले
das ist nixht witzig
Ryan Gemellaro
Ryan Gemellaro महीने पहले
You’re Eggsellent,Dip Into Our Love, Birds Of A Feather,Stick With Me,and Eye Love You!!🥚🥔🐦💄🐑👁
Ryan Gemellaro
Ryan Gemellaro महीने पहले
Quail Eggs,Chips’n’Dip,Orange Chicken, Lipstick,and Lamb Eye??🤔🤔That Sounds Delicious!!🐣🥔🐔💄🐑👁
Ryan Gemellaro
Ryan Gemellaro महीने पहले
A Raw Quail Egg,Coated In Peanut Butter,Covered In Milk Chocolate,and Dusted In Cocoa Powder?🤔Sounds Delish!!😂Really Guys??🤔😂
SpellLurks महीने पहले
almost all of these thumbnails have Rhett in it XD
Mark Taglieber
Mark Taglieber महीने पहले
Matthew Taglieber paw patrol chase Marshall
Oren how 2 game
Oren how 2 game महीने पहले
Mister Pachimari
Mister Pachimari महीने पहले
5:37 Cover girl pose
joshjh2002 महीने पहले
I just ate a whole 133g bag of M&Ms so I already feel sick and the eyeball didn't help either. Oops
Melody Sudbrock
Melody Sudbrock महीने पहले
Will it funnel cake?
OutMikey महीने पहले
Will it pixie dust?
Ceci महीने पहले
Will it macaron?
Ignorance Is Bliss [Indigo]
Ignorance Is Bliss [Indigo] महीने पहले
They used the "It´s always sunny in Philadelphia" Intro!!
Hakunama Tasha
Hakunama Tasha महीने पहले
I just love when they say their own things. "What the crap?" Chase you deserve your own show haha
SpringInYourStep महीने पहले
Link's sheep sound is strangely accurate.
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts महीने पहले
GOOOD MYTHICAL *being* *single* *for* *the* *rest* *of* *your* *life* r i p
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz महीने पहले
Will it meatball?
Rachel T
Rachel T महीने पहले
Right after Rhett said "only one way to find out" at 6:45, an ad for a graduate school near me popped up haha
Annie And Alex
Annie And Alex महीने पहले
Wait is lipstick even edible?
Orene महीने पहले
12:23 pretty sure he said shit XD
BEASTY BOY 539 महीने पहले
What about.... Will it Sausage?
Ebuckb13 महीने पहले
Will it waffle!
GasMann महीने पहले
WTH always Sunny's theme.... Alrighty than
AcidicStylez महीने पहले
Rhett looks really ill here.
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