WWE Clash of Champions Kickoff: Sept. 15, 2019

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Catch all of the late-breaking news, rivalry analysis from a panel of experts, and exclusive kickoff matches before all of the action at WWE Clash of Champions!
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टिप्पणियाँ 554
Julia Tobing
Julia Tobing 12 दिन पहले
Ada yg bisa artikan ke bahasa indonesia gak? Saya g paham. Jadi gak ngerti apa mereka bilang
Marilyn Robertson
Marilyn Robertson 23 दिन पहले
It isnt jus this case wif P1. Finn balor,kevin streen,sami zayn,nakamura, n plus too many to remember, n dont get me started wif nxt/nxt uk n 205 live. Akira tozawa,KENTA, been on there for years. EC3,adam cole n co need to be on the main roster n regular as well not when they need an extra body throw out in a battle royal/rumble or some tournament
Montez Swinson
Montez Swinson 28 दिन पहले
Montez Swinson
Montez Swinson 28 दिन पहले
You 😄😄
محبوب الكل
محبوب الكل 29 दिन पहले
عربي حط لايك
محبوب الكل
محبوب الكل 29 दिन पहले
عربي حط لايك
yamikani kambuwa
yamikani kambuwa 29 दिन पहले
I can't believe no champion did not lose
Stalyn Farinango
Stalyn Farinango महीने पहले
Subes pura basura
Blitz 22
Blitz 22 महीने पहले
48:25 that's totally how you hold a title
Srihari Ladi
Srihari Ladi महीने पहले
We need Indian fighter.
Ana Salazar
Ana Salazar महीने पहले
Lo pueden traducir al castellano
Mehreen Mehmood
Mehreen Mehmood महीने पहले
No all 2 figt this
Mehreen Mehmood
Mehreen Mehmood महीने पहले
Best fight 💪 brother,s kindly find attached
Joel Aiguedo
Joel Aiguedo महीने पहले
Aj styles is dummmmmmmm😠
زهرة المقبالي
زهرة المقبالي महीने पहले
I like new day حبيب كوفي وبيج اي و وودز
Gulshanara Papry
Gulshanara Papry महीने पहले
Aj was win with his fight
Gulshanara Papry
Gulshanara Papry महीने पहले
I love Becky lence but the Bibi was not good
Welban Ingti
Welban Ingti महीने पहले
Good lux Roman
Upendra Pandit Chhetri
Upendra Pandit Chhetri महीने पहले
Nailah London
Nailah London महीने पहले
Am I the only one who noticed the ref holding the title backwards
Mr Kennedy
Mr Kennedy महीने पहले
1:40 books a savage 😂😂😂😂😂
Teresa Luzia
Teresa Luzia महीने पहले
Barley you fight nicely!
Teresa Luzia
Teresa Luzia महीने पहले
Seth rolins you are the best
Waqas Ali
Waqas Ali महीने पहले
Nice good boy 💪👊👏🙌😯😎👈
Francis Froca
Francis Froca महीने पहले
sachin boss
sachin boss महीने पहले
Aj style in kik off 0/100
MANJU KR MANJU KR महीने पहले
Bayron Ramos 34
Bayron Ramos 34 महीने पहले
48:23 Fail Referee
Olusegun Adisa
Olusegun Adisa महीने पहले
A.J been on kick off isn’t a bad thing mheen
Franco G
Franco G महीने पहले
48:25 😂
Deadshot Gaming313 g
Deadshot Gaming313 g महीने पहले
Yes yes yes
Yahaira Demoricis
Yahaira Demoricis महीने पहले
WHAT the hell is goging on aj styles
haleigh jones
haleigh jones महीने पहले
i see empty seats
Tayyab jutt
Tayyab jutt महीने पहले
Where are roman???
Dizzy247365plus महीने पहले
Absolutely RIDICULOUS having AJ MUTHAF#@&IN' STYLES in a kick-off match!!!! WWE how dare you!!!! Also, 43:25 is where you can watch the hot AF promo for Smackdown move to FOX.👍💯
Jelly belly
Jelly belly महीने पहले
The OC are the worst team in wwe
Ваня Избушкин
Ваня Избушкин महीने पहले
Waiting for CM Punk
Gnana Gnana
Gnana Gnana महीने पहले
I love the Roman religion
Md.Mahmudul Alam
Md.Mahmudul Alam महीने पहले
bhoo. randy should be wwe champion
kashif Raza
kashif Raza महीने पहले
ankit pathak
ankit pathak महीने पहले
Missing Brock
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud महीने पहले
Both matches....especially the US title match should've been on the main card...the Rowan vs Roman match could've been on smackdown
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar महीने पहले
How many shocked by WWE Upload (so quickly this time)
Siva Kumar
Siva Kumar महीने पहले
Suraj Kumar . Ranjith
Jennie Bailey
Jennie Bailey महीने पहले
ABC DEF महीने पहले
52:36 is that 'end of days'??😱
ABC DEF महीने पहले
38:17 Referee: Hey! Put your shoulder down as scripted!!😅
Z M.
Z M. महीने पहले
what's the name of song in the opening.??
Jester महीने पहले
People: truly aj styles is one of the most greatest superstar in wwe Wwe:
Love U
Love U महीने पहले
No one can replace Aj style in action and wwe is not taking him seriously , this is why company is declining.
Krishan Singh
Krishan Singh महीने पहले
Oops Seth Rollins wins😤😤
The Fiend
The Fiend महीने पहले
Let Me In
Kesireddy Prashanth Kumar
Kesireddy Prashanth Kumar महीने पहले
WWE ppvs are getting bored.......
Sai Kalyan
Sai Kalyan महीने पहले
Hey guys can anyone of yu can tell me the song name which goes on in the background.. .! ?
Vickygujjarms महीने पहले
Where is brock lesnar
Vickygujjarms महीने पहले
Come in jaipur
Vickygujjarms महीने पहले
Love you wwe from india 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳
Vickygujjarms महीने पहले
Govind Khairnar
Govind Khairnar महीने पहले
Akam 031
Akam 031 महीने पहले
Because of aj styles💪💪 that video in trending in india 🇮🇳
Rihan Kerutagi
Rihan Kerutagi महीने पहले
So nice match
wayne joel
wayne joel महीने पहले
pre show was lit 🔥🔥🔥
Karan Singh
Karan Singh महीने पहले
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