You mess with Virat Kohli, he'll mess you up - Joy Bhattacharjya

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A King Kohli special at Hyderabad! On My11Circle presents #CricbuzzLIVE, our panel lauds the match-winning knock of 94* by the Indian skipper #ViratKohli.
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Shashi kumar yerra
Shashi kumar yerra महीने पहले
ajmal naseeb
ajmal naseeb महीने पहले
For the past year ,virat is trying to be mr.nice guy, but i want to see bad kohli
Gardenflower महीने पहले
Viratkohli : If he switches ON beast mode in Him, No one can stop him.
Rishabh Jain
Rishabh Jain महीने पहले
Sad news is that by the time sachin was ageing in terms of cricket we already knew there was a kid named virat who was exceptional and had won india U19 WC but as of now cant see anybody with exceptional talent and young age being compared with these two legends maybe prithvi shaw but his fitness is a big question mark as he's already had 2 major injuries in international cricket at just the age of 20 and thereabouts. sad thing is that shubman gill is a really good talent but is not being given enough opportunities to prove himself at an early age
Ajit Mail
Ajit Mail महीने पहले
Mess 😆😆😆...ek baar bhej to junglo me phir mess krte h
Deekshant Gupta
Deekshant Gupta महीने पहले
Born too late to explore earth Born too early to explore Galaxy Born exactly in the correct time to watch the great era of Virat Kohli
Ubmisybur महीने पहले
King kholi
Akshit Sankhala
Akshit Sankhala महीने पहले
Virat to WestIndies...> Delhi se hoo bhanchod 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kamal v
kamal v महीने पहले
It happens to me... When I got hangover... I play good on that day ☀☀☀
Amarnath Banerjee
Amarnath Banerjee महीने पहले
Bc kahan dikhaya video
fantastic video Channel
fantastic video Channel महीने पहले
Virat kohli superb
Rajarshi Chatterjee
Rajarshi Chatterjee महीने पहले
There's no 3rd one! The relay race of sunny, Sachin and virat will sadly end after king retires!! 😣
deviLZ nik
deviLZ nik महीने पहले
Ab BC ye afwaah kon faila Raha hai k "naseeruddin Shah Ko fir se India mein Darr lagne laga hai" 😅
Gokuldas H
Gokuldas H महीने पहले
But it’s really sad that Indian team can’t win crucial matches,, even with the class players ... 2015 WC 2019 WC 2017 CT,,, they’ve messed up everything in these matches
Rajkumar Radhakrishnan
Rajkumar Radhakrishnan महीने पहले
Sometimes on odd occassions he mess with himself too much such as icc knockouts, 11 ipl seasons etc.
AB Ba महीने पहले
Virat will Play Past 45 years. The Great Baseball Legend "Cal Ripken Jr." also Known as the Ironman of Baseball played past 40s (Forties).
Abhinav Tripathy
Abhinav Tripathy महीने पहले
After Ganguly, Virat is the most aggressive captain of India.
Unstoppable Lad
Unstoppable Lad महीने पहले
As long as virat Kohli will have haters he will be successful
Jony S
Jony S महीने पहले
I do not like bangladeshi cricket. I love Indian cricket. I love kohli batting from bangladesh. I love kohli batting style from bangladesh.
Jony S
Jony S महीने पहले
I love kohli from bangladesh.
Jony S
Jony S महीने पहले
I love kohli from bangladesh.
GR_Techniques महीने पहले
King Kohli Best player all format... 💯
vyom veerudh
vyom veerudh महीने पहले
Comparing god with genius is not fair. But kohli did come later and what makes him no 1 batsman of this era is consistency.
Aadhi Vishal
Aadhi Vishal महीने पहले
Somebody should have messed up with him at the semis in WC19
Saumya Sonowal
Saumya Sonowal महीने पहले
Virat is not 2nd, he is 3rd. The 1st being Gavaskar, 2nd Tendulkar, 3rd Kohli. I hope nobody compares who is better than whom, because every 3 of these were ruling the world in their own eras.
mitesh tandan
mitesh tandan महीने पहले
Joy really enjoyed it
pickeazy tv
pickeazy tv महीने पहले
dont ever compare sachin he is the dad for all.of.u
No_one महीने पहले
Everyone was giving credits to Dhoni when Chahar took 6 wickets, so yesterday's failure should also be given to Dhoni?? Why only give credits to Dhoni when he bowls well??
No_one महीने पहले
@Rakesh rgd Exactly, The Credit of Dhoni's World Cups credits should be Ganguly coz he is the who made him Captain🤣
Rakesh rgd
Rakesh rgd महीने पहले
Then yesterday's Virat's batting credit should also be given to Dhoni as he was the one who kept Virat in playing 11 even after successive failures in initial days 😂😂
No_one महीने पहले
@Robert downey jr. Bangadesh se match me Dhoni nahi kel raha tha, phir bhi Chahar ka credits usko diya tha
Robert downey jr.
Robert downey jr. महीने पहले
Dhoni khel raha tha kya kal
RandomLife महीने पहले
Tell him to win a World Cup Semi final or a final. Playing against smaller teams and showing aggression does not help.
RandomLife महीने पहले
Shridhar shridhar haa to sridhar sridhar, aap tension naa le.
Shridhar shridhar
Shridhar shridhar महीने पहले
Burn man, that's what you have to do in future till kohli era
bmrayka 111
bmrayka 111 महीने पहले
Williams signs his notebook Virat kohli : I'm gonna end this man's career. 😂
bmrayka 111
bmrayka 111 महीने पहले
Williams signs his notebook against Virat kohli : I'm gonna end this man's career. 😂
Sourav Paul
Sourav Paul महीने पहले
Lets not compare sachin with kohli...who's next to come after kohli retirement...
desh bhakt
desh bhakt महीने पहले
Baabar Azam don't compare tu virat kohil he,s masterclass
Chaitanya Bade
Chaitanya Bade महीने पहले
Super virat bhayya
David Goat
David Goat महीने पहले
Hopefullu koli can mess up the opposition in a Semi Final one day..........
David Goat
David Goat महीने पहले
@Rhitambhar Goswami what about 2015 and 2019 CWC?
Rhitambhar Goswami
Rhitambhar Goswami महीने पहले
He messed up WI in 2016 WT20 SF and then India's bowlers messed themselves up by their wonderful no balls and rubbish execution to give the match away. Dhoni had to bring in Virat to get him a wicket eventually and he delivered there too.
Bijit Bhowmick
Bijit Bhowmick महीने पहले
KL rahul played a vital innings and eventually it took the pressure out from VK. In the later half,the way virat batted and showed his agression it just over shadowed KL Rahul's Innings.
Vv Entairtener
Vv Entairtener महीने पहले
U great kohli
vijayschongau महीने पहले
Reciprocating the note book, military salute is OK. Virat should not do the Nagin.. That's the limit.
aman gupta
aman gupta महीने पहले
Mujhe personally Indian captain vo bhi mordern day great ke category ka player ase harkat krte hue acha ne lagta....
Tushar k
Tushar k महीने पहले
Dada pi6e advertisement kar rhe hai😂
ashwin newar
ashwin newar महीने पहले
Mi bol diya hai
Shrayan Chattopadhyay
Shrayan Chattopadhyay महीने पहले
Alas ! He only shows aggression in meaningless bilaterals vs West Indies and Lanka
Kaushal Jha
Kaushal Jha महीने पहले
West Indies must win when they opt to ball first in second T20
keep smile
keep smile महीने पहले
bhai kal virat ka jalwa dhika hai
Fantasy Baadshah
Fantasy Baadshah महीने पहले
Geez that six over extra cover!Out of this world😊
aayushman garg
aayushman garg महीने पहले
West indies really...even australians has tasted it in his first tour of australia...guys come on even Australia don't do it...u guys r no wherr
Yuvaraj महीने पहले
Zak please come back to English!!!!
Yuvaraj महीने पहले
Where is Harsha???
Yuvaraj महीने पहले
Where is Ajay jaddu ???
Nagendra Kv
Nagendra Kv महीने पहले
Anchor , u don't deserve that seat. Kohli is Indian capitan not a Delhi boy. Total world watching it idiot
Geni महीने पहले
Let's take a minute to appreciate Williams for pissing Kohli
Son Goku
Son Goku महीने पहले
It's too early to talk about Virat's retirement. He is just 31 right now. I think the way he maintains his fitness, he can probably play till the time he turns 38. That is a lot of time for him.
Anand Awasthi
Anand Awasthi महीने पहले
tabhi...tatti ki captaincy me ek bhi icc trophy nai aai.... aur tatti se ye bhi kahdena...apni jindagi me ek bhi icc trophy jeet ke dikha de😂😂
Zulqarnain Haider
Zulqarnain Haider महीने पहले
I'm Pakistani but I never compare babar azam with the great virat kohli.. I'm sure that no one can beat him in any business of cricket. Virat kohli is a Legend of Legends
Sanjay kumar R
Sanjay kumar R महीने पहले
Yeah, you are quite mature 😀
Jedidiah Daniel
Jedidiah Daniel महीने पहले
Also must admit Babar is the only one who is atleast worthy of this when compared Umar Akmal or Shehzad who were also once compared to Kohli
Kunal Puthran
Kunal Puthran महीने पहले
Yeah really true
Khan Khan
Khan Khan महीने पहले
sudesh mishra
sudesh mishra महीने पहले
Well said bro.
Jay Choudhury
Jay Choudhury महीने पहले
Virat is the Indian Hulk , if you mess with him it makes him unleash the anger , which makes him Super V .
jonardon borah
jonardon borah महीने पहले
Kohli& Rahul 🔥
THE DESTROYER महीने पहले
Still doesn't change the fact he is choker . Still you guys comment his t 20 yeah good for t 20 but scores in meaningless bilateral series instead of semi final of world cup out on 1 both the times
cyber carkar
cyber carkar महीने पहले
virat is 31 not 32.
peace restrained
peace restrained महीने पहले
Cricket ki yeh defination hai toh i am completely out of it...
shankar Bongandla
shankar Bongandla महीने पहले
The botter man........