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Bharat Ka Abhinandan || Nazarbattu
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We Salute Indian Air Force for their bravery. Our Army is doing their job but we as an Indian fail by following such media houses ...
Visa Dubai Ka || Nazarbattu ||
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Leelu Pradhan is back with his gang, this time planning for Dubai. He is still stuck with his regular routines back in his hometown.
Youtubers Ka Remand || Abhi Payla || Diss Track II Nazarbattu
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Nazarbattu productions presenting a diss track dedicated to the indian youtubers. The main purpose of this track is to hurt your ...
Baba Leelanand || Nazarbattu ||
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In this episode Leelu Pradhan feels like he is spending last days of his life. And since he has not yet done anything religious, ...
Exclusive: विंग कमांडर अभिनंदन के साथ दुश्मन देश की जमीन पर क्या हुआ ?| Bharat Tak
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Exclusive: विंग कमांडर अभिनंदन के साथ दुश्मन देश की जमीन पर क्या हुआ ?| Bharat Tak ---------- About...
Pakistani Media is Funny
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Pakistani Media is Funny This video is about pakistan news channels. Facebook - m.facebook.com/badbuddy1/ Instagram ...
English Crush Course II NAZAR BATTU II
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Just Copy in WhatsApp or any app to translate in your language with U Dictionary. Download Now: goo.gl/5VDkaN See ...
English teacher 2 nazar battu .
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कर्मकांड || Karamkand || Nazarbattu
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Nazarbattu Productions presents "Karam Kand". It begins when Leelu Pradhan decides to do something of his own and make ...
Desi छोरा English मेम Part-1 II Nazarbattu Productions
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Leelu Pradhan” wants to impress a cute girl, Kya leelu ke pyar mein pagal ho jayegi yeh ladki.. ya Leelu ko hee pagal bana jayegi ...
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The much awaited Nazar Battu Anthem. Download Bobble Keyboard from this link MakeMyBobble.in/NazarBattuStickers to ...
Desi छोरा English मेम Part-2 II Nazarbattu Productions
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Simple games khelo aur Paise kamayo! Win upto 5L every day - Download Funnearn now and start earning.
Nazar Battu's Sultan - A Tribute to Salman Khan
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Watch how Dalveer battles it out in the wrestling arena for his idol Salman bhai. Do SHARE and SUBSCRIBE. Download Bobble ...
Mistri || मिस्त्री || Nazarbattu ||
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Iss Baar 'O MISTRI MAT AANA!' Presenting the official parody of Stree Movie! The video is based on a real story of a male ...
Nalayaks | Web Series | S02E04 - Pyar Ki मरम्मत | Pawan Yadav|Rajat Verma | Nazarbattu
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Games Khelo aur Paise Jeeto! Jeetiye 1 lakh Rupaye harr roz -MPL App download kariye abhi aur shuru ho jaiye apne favourite ...