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Side effects of Onion Price Hike | Funcho
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Follow us on Instagram - instagram.com/funcho/ Onion prices are hitting all time high in India and middle class ...
India's Onion Price Rise: Crop Damage To Blame
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Onion farmers continue to lose money due to crop damage, which in turn restricts supply and lead to hike in prices.
Onion Price Rise: Our Farmers Deserve a Fair Price | Sadhguru
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In an interview with ANI News Agency, Sadhguru looks at the plight of our farmers, and the tragedy they have to suffer despite ...
As Onion Prices Touch Record Highs, Farmers Are Still Making Losses
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What has caused India's onion price spike is now a matter of concern as prices are hovering around Rs 150 a kilogram in several ...
Onion Price Rise, Causes of volatility in Onion price explained? How Government controls price rise?
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Onion Price Up To Rs. 80 A Kg In Tamil Nadu, Centre To Import Vegetable
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For the second day, onion prices in Chennai hovered between Rs. 60 and Rs. 80. At Thiruvanmiyur in southern Chennai, Senthil ...
Lunch Break | महंगे प्याज के आंसू | Onion Price Hike
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Onion prices are witnessing major hike again as the retail and wholesale prices have shot up across India affecting the Capital too ...
Onion price rise के कारण क्या है? Modi government ने सस्ते प्याज के लिए क्या कदम उठाए हैं?
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Onion prices continue to rise across metros in India.The crunch in onion supply has sent prices soaring with many places seeing ...
Onion Prices Spike From Rs 25 To Rs 60 Per Kg In MP, Maharashtra
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Onion prices spiked from Rs 20-25 per kg to Rs 40-60 kg in different cities of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The surge in ...
Pyaj Comedy Tik Tok Video | Onion Comedy Tik Tok | India Onion Price High Comedy Video
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Mumbai Citizens Speak To Media As They Suffer Due To Onion Price Hike
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Onion At Rs 100 Per Kg! Tears Roll As Prices Of Staple Soar In Various Parts Of India | ABP News
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The price of onion is bringing tears in the eyes of its consumers in various parts of the country, with a kilo of the staple costing a ...
Onion prices come down in Bengaluru
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Sale of onions has increased in Bengaluru after the prices came down on December 11. Previously, onions were being sold for ...
Onion: Price Rise
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Onion prices are expected to hike up again, as government removes MEP from its sales.
Why Did Onion Prices Rise Drastically?
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There has been a sharp increase in retail prices of onions since August despite the government's measures to boost the supply ...
Onion Price Soars, Crosses Rs 100 Per Kg Mark  | ABP News
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Onions are sold at Rs 130 to Rs 140 per kg in many states. The price rise is posing a number of troubles for Indians.
Cong MPs Raise Issue Of Onion Prices In Parliament | Master Stroke | ABP News
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Raising the issue of soaring prices of onions which have been burning a hole in the pockets of consumer across the country, the ...
Onion prices still above ₹100, No relief for customers across India
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Retail rates of best quality onion have been ruling above Rs 100/kg in most cities of south India and close to Rs 100/kg in north ...
Onion Prices To Rise After Turkey Halts Export
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The price of onions may rise by another 10-15 per cent after a brief respite as Turkey - a major import destination for India - has ...
Weekend Explainer |  Why have onion prices become sky-high?
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