• Parikshit joshi
How the choices we make affect our life. | Parikshit Joshi | TEDxJSSATE
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Mr Parikshit Joshi is an actor, writer and a director at The Viral Fever (TVF). Mr Joshi talks about his life and how choices ...
Main Aur Tum | By Parikshit Joshi | Cafe Alfaaz | Valentine's Day Special
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Let Love Be The Mixture Of Everything. Thank you for watching. :) If you enjoyed this, come to us and we will let your heart speak.
Hum Tum's SPECIAL VALENTINES EPISODE Starring Ahsaas Channa & Parikshit Joshi
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Checkout this first date with a comedy twist for Valentines Day of Hum Tum in this video..
Friendzone se kaise bachein? | TSP's Hum Tum
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We live in a country with great diversity. Right from the buzzing cities of Mumbai and Delhi to the serene beauty of Kashmir and ...
Types Of Career Advices You Get | The Timeliners
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Career advice is something which everyone gives, but you have to choose what's best for you. If you want more information on ...
When you fall in Love | TSP's Hum Tum
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Have you ever looked at someone, known all their imperfections and still see them as perfect? Have you ever met someone who ...
Diwali with Her | TSP's Hum Tum
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Diwali is a festival best celebrated with Family. When Diwali season arrives, we all take leaves from college, office etc to spend ...
SIS CODE With BRO ft. Apoorva Arora & Barkha Singh | Rakshabandhan Special || Girliyapa
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We all know of the unsaid code of conduct that exists between siblings. In spite all the bickering we realize siblings were our first ...
Teaser Qissa Workshop by Parikshit Joshi- Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University
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Qissa - The Filmmaking Society of Maharaja Agrasen College is here with its workshop on ESSENTIALS OF SCREENWRITING ...
TSP’s When you date a UPSC aspirant ft. Jeetu and Apoorva
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First dates are always awkward. The individuals don't know each other, their likes and interest don't match and most of them are ...
Bhartiya Rail Qtiyapa
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From that annoying uncle who wouldn't stop talking about politics or that generous aunty who offers food to everyone in the berth, ...
In Love With Your Best Friend? | Just Couple Things | The Timeliners
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Kya Tumne Kabhi kisi se Pyaar kiya? Kiya aur vo bhi best friend se? Please subscribe to our channel by clicking the following link ...
Zeroes | Official Trailer | The Screen Patti's New Web-series
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Already late in the startup race, four zeroes come together with an almost delusional ambition to create a great company. Will they ...
Koffee With Karan Spoof ft. Taimur and Ranbir | Bade Chote
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The most awaited episode of Kold Koffee with Karan is here. Our first guest today is media's favourite human pup, he is his ...
TVF College Admission Qtiyapa | Ek Admission Aisa Bhi
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Like every Indian kid, Nishaaaaant sacrifices the love of his life for his parents happiness. The kid is madly in love with St.
Honour - by Dikshit Joshi | Intellectual Idiot Films
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How far will we go to protect our HONOUR? Music - IN-vid Creator Studio.
Kahaani Thi | TSP's Hum Tum | Music Video
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Tanvi has professed her love for Kishore with a kiss and things are getting romantic in their life. In fact, they are on their way to the ...
Kahaani Thi - TSP's Hum Tum Music Video | Karthik Rao
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Like | Share | Subscribe... Watch TSP's hum tum Series Here: ...
First Valentine's Date | TSP's Hum Tum
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14th February. It's that time of the year, again! College students exchange roses and chocolates, young couples leave work early ...