• Sachin negi
TSP Googly E02 | Aur Dikhao
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Virat Kohli ka duck par out ho jana aur Girlfriend ka time par aana - Two things that never go hand in hand. When Sachin's ...
TSP Fukrapanti | 13 Reasons Why You Are Still Single
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Here are 13 reasons why people are single. Like us on Facebook: fb.com/TheScreenPatti Follow us on Twitter: ...
TSP’s College Ka Aakhri Din
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Everyone makes a big deal about your first day at college. From the new classrooms, new classmates, new hostel roommates and ...
Types of Bosses feat. Captain Nick | Girliyapa's ChickiLeaks
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Come adulthood, and the first thing you have to deal with is your boss, and that's no easy feat! Right from impossible deadlines, ...
If Superstitions were Real | The Screen Patti
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Superstition in India is nothing new. Black cats, broken mirrors, Nimbu-Mirchi, we do it all. But the everlasting question arises, ...
TSP's If Politicians played Indoor Games
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Let's face it, Politicians in India are always playing games. They play with our money, sometimes with our feelings and of recent, ...
TSP's If Superstitions Were Real 2 | 2 Million Special
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Superstitions are a very large part of our Indian culture. Right from the Dahi shakkar to Kaali billi, we follow certain traditions ...
TSP’s If Politicians Were Doctors ft. Modi, Adityanath, Kejriwal, Tharoor and Siddhu
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What if our popular politicians were doctors? Find out in this video. Like us on Facebook: fb.com/TheScreenPatti Follow us ...
TSP Googly | Lighter hai kya?
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With the work pressure that we're all under in our daily lives, it's only normal that most of us turn to cigarettes as an option to ...
The Master Bedroom | TSP's Bhai Bhai
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Living with your roommates is filled with mixed feelings. On the plus side, you can drink or smoke without any fear, you can come ...
TSP Singles || Things People Forget
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We all forget things at times. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's awkward. Like us on Facebook: ...
TVF’s Aaj Kya Peena Hai ft. MostlySane, Sanaya, Shivankit
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TVF urges you to drink responsibly. :) Matches are best enjoyed with a beverage of choice. But there's no need to whine because ...
TSP Fukrapanti | If Politicians Were Shopkeepers || Diwali Special
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What if our popular politicians were shopkeepers? Find out in our Diwali Special video. Like us on Facebook: ...
Hip pop sachin negi dance
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Ganesh bandna dance Dance lead ( hip pop sachin negi)
Sachin negi
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Yara teri yari Sachin negi.