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Ranveer weds Deepika | Behind The Scenes | The Screen Patti
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The Big Fat Indian wedding! Every couple from India grows up dreaming of their special day complete with an international ...
TSP's Badri ki Dulhaniya
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A week ago, Badri was on a road trip. A few days ago, he was helping his friend get over his ex's wedding. Today, Badri has an all ...
TSP's Reunion RoadTrip
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The one thing we all loved as college students was packing our bags, gathering whatever money we could for fuel and leaving ...
When You Can't Speak in English | The Screen Patti
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Do you have a problem with speaking in English? Are you always confused between “there” and “their”? Is English the reason for ...
सावधान  इंडिया Spoof 2 - ‘हीरोइन की मौत’ | TSP’s Bade Chote
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Another day, another crime. This time, a heinous offence has been committed on the sets of a Bollywood movie. Popular actress ...
Friendzone se kaise bachein? | TSP's Hum Tum
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We live in a country with great diversity. Right from the buzzing cities of Mumbai and Delhi to the serene beauty of Kashmir and ...
TSP's Bade Chote || Khatron Ke Khiladi Spoof
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Bade and Chote decided to participate in Gatron Ke Khiladi. Unko darr lag raha hai, Dekhte hain aage kya hota hai.. Like us on ...
TSP's Bade Chote | KBC Spoof
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Bade and Chote decided to participate in Kyun Bane Crorepati and get stuck at the first question. Kya woh Crorepati ban payenge ...
When you fall in Love | TSP's Hum Tum
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Have you ever looked at someone, known all their imperfections and still see them as perfect? Have you ever met someone who ...
Screen pati in Big boss
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screen pati.
TSP’s Awkward Conversations With Parents | E02 - “Girlfriend”
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All of us laundas have at some point waited for our parents to go on vacation so that we'd be able to call our Girlfriends home.
TSP's Border   E   PUBG The Screen Patti
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Diwali with Her | TSP's Hum Tum
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Diwali is a festival best celebrated with Family. When Diwali season arrives, we all take leaves from college, office etc to spend ...
If Superstitions were Real | The Screen Patti
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Superstition in India is nothing new. Black cats, broken mirrors, Nimbu-Mirchi, we do it all. But the everlasting question arises, ...
Indian Cricket Dressing Room | TSP's Behind the scene | Ft.Kohli, Pandya and KL Rahul
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India has won the series but Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul have done something on the show Koffee with Karan which they ...
Avengers in Indian Wedding | TSP's Avengers Spoof | 3 Million Special
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We all love our superheroes. Be it Iron Man and Captain America from The Avengers or Batman and Superman from The Justice ...
First Valentine's Date | TSP's Hum Tum
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14th February. It's that time of the year, again! College students exchange roses and chocolates, young couples leave work early ...
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Working with stars is difficult. There's just no end to their star tantrums, unrealistic demands and massive egos. And it only gets ...