• Why did thanos give loki the mind stone
The REAL Reason Why Thanos Trusted Loki With the Mind Stone - INFINITY WAR EXPLAINED
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Why did Thanos trust Loki with an infinity stone in the Avengers? What was the real reason as to why Thanos would risk a stone to ...
Here's How Thanos Originally Got The Mind Stone For Loki
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One of the biggest unanswered questions from Infinity War was just how did Thanos get the Mind Stone?! Subscribe to our ...
The Real Reason Why THANOS gave Loki an Infinity Stone - Infinity War
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The Real Reason Why THANOS gave Loki an infinity stone -Infinity War.
Captain Marvel Revealed How Thanos Got The Mind Stone
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Here's how we think that Captain Marvel may have revealed how the Mad Titan Thanos got his hands on the Mind Infinity Stone!
How Did THANOS Find MIND STONE ? [Explained In Hindi]
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Hello friends aaj hum baat karne wale hai ke kaise thanos ko mind stone mila tha to kya hai woh chaliye dekhte hai Follow Me ...
How Thanos got the mind stone  at Avengers to give it to Loki at the scepter| Explained In Hindi
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Thanos got the mind stone where to give it to Loki at the scepter| Explained In Hindi Background music credit :no copyright sounds ...
Why Did Loki Teleport in Endgame but DID NOT in Infinity War?
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Today I wanna talk about one of the most beloved characters in the MCU Loki and what happened to him in Avengers Endgame.
Why Captain Marvel Didn't Use the Infinity Gauntlet? Russo Bros. Explain
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Avengers Endgame has an amazing sequence in which different characters run through the battle field with the infinity gauntlet ...
Thanos Used Loki To Invade Earth Because Of Captain Marvel (Avengers Endgame Theory)
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Captain Marvel Is Why Loki Invaded Earth SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Click here: goo.gl/wMuSDD Related CBR article: ...
Why Loki Said to Thanos "You Will Never Be a God" ?
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One of the most intriguining moments in Avengers Infinity war was Thanos killing Loki. Wheather loki faked his death or not is a ...
The Avengers | Thanos hands over the Sceptre to Loki and manipulates his mind | 1080p HD Clip
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Published on 27-09-2018 *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NEEDED* *I DO NOT ...
Marvel Theory: Did Odin Collect All The Infinity Stones First?
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Some interesting clue point to the possibility that Odin had collected all the Infinity Stones before Thanos did! Subscribe to our ...
Loki & The Other
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The Avengers Assemble (2012) Marvel & Paramount Pictures.
It's Time To Talk About That Loki Scene In Endgame
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So, it turns out Thanos wasn't wrong when he declared that there would be "no resurrections this time" for Loki. Still, that doesn't ...
Here's Why We Didn't See Thanos Get The Power Stone
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If you're new, Subscribe! → bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper At its most basic, Avengers: Infinity War is a movie that follows the ...
How Thanos Learned About the Infinity Stones - Infinity War Explained
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We explore how Thanos first got the mind stone and also why he ultimately tried to give it up. Business: ...
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Getting into a recent theory where I believe that DOCTOR STRANGE CURSED THE TIME STONE! There is actually A LOT of ...
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The six infinity stones explained along with a slight backstory and their powers granted to the beholder. Watch this before you see ...
NEW EVIDENCE Loki Is Posing As Bruce Banner - Loki Is Alive
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We all have heard the theory that Loki is actually not dead and was able to trick Thanos and the audience once again. According ...
Ronan Challenges Thanos Scene - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) IMAX Movie CLIP HD
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Thanos and Ronan the Accuser - Ronan Challenges Thanos Scene - Thanos, I'm coming for you - Thanos vs Ronan - Guardians ...